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    This one doesn't give details - but the pictures are good, and it's easy to use. I'm not saying that ALL of these people "ARE" predators but it's good to know who your neighbors are and keep yourself apprised of any situations with any children or yourself -[elderly]. I do a screening for my Mom and used to do it for my niece when she was little and my kids.

    I found out for the neighbor lady that her daughter was being baby sat by her neighbor man and HE was a sexual predator. I just printed the paper out and slpped it in her door. Left the choice up to her. Apparently it didn't bother her or her husband. He baby sat the kid for a long time. His room mate was the same guy who tried to break into our shop and DF cut the dog loose on him and pulled both triggers back on the double barrelled shot gun.....(he left the heel of his hand on our fence) - needless to say and as that camper park churns - The woman who was letting her 2 year old be baby sat by the sex offender started 'dating' the pot head thief that tried to break into our shop and left her husband and took her daughter but left her son for a "lake house" that looser boy told her they'd get after he sold enough pot. (It ended up being a pool side double bed rent by the week) hotel room and now they all live down there in campers just a swingin'. Except for the predator guy - I think the whole peyton place was too much for even him. He left.
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    I think I may have PTSD. I looked at the site, looked up difficult child's creep, saw his picture and instantly felt nauseous. Then I checked our town, again, felt nauseous. Yep, PTSD. Awesome.
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    ((hugs)) Jo

    Please keep in mind, offenders slip through the cracks on even these things. My bro should be listed. He's not. Absolutely drives me insane that he isn't.
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    The good thing HNR is KNOWING that his picture IS on there. It would be far worse to know that CREEP is out there and NO ONE knew about him. YOUR DAUGHTER was very brave and so were you - and both still ARE!

    OUR family creep? Isn't on there. For as much as I'd like to be the one that gets vengence - (shakes head no) - I have to get strength from knowing -It's not up to me,. And moving on with my life and hoping Dude can someday. Pretty pathetic to have to tell your kid, when it ruined his childhood. And his biofather was the one that allowed it to happen for a hit of crack. So I know what your saying. I'm just glad I'm over the PTSD part of it because when Dude needs me? I'm not sure I'm going to be able to be strong enough for the both of us - but I'll have to be won't I? Just like you have been. Hugs & Love -
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    I think the part that burns me the most is knowing that although the predators do their time, the victims live with the trauma forever. The predator moves on, figures out a way to get through life without ever really being able to take back their transgressions, Know what I mean?? Some of them are able to live under the radar and perpetrate again, it's sickening.

    And yes, as the parent we do have to be strong, even when inside we are dying, desperate to change history. Hugs and love to you too.
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    I put in the zip code of our little town and saw three, one that I know, but there's another one that I know of who is not on this site.

    What's really scary is what's NOT on here! This is only those registered sex offenders who are complying with the law and reporting their addresses as they should. There are many more who do not comply, sometimes for years, and they have no idea where they are! And at least around here, they have a really bad track record for finding these folks again too! Police departments are short staffed and it's not a big priority with them.
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    One thing to be sure to do is to look up the details of WHY they are on the registry. There are people who get on the registry for peeing in public while drunk, and they end up being treated like child molesters and rapists. there are degrees of offenses and those should be listed, or why the person ended up on the registry. I also know quite a few dads who are on the registry because their exes are vindictive witches like my exsil. Heck, my bro could have been on there if my parents hadn't paid for a dang good atty. Or t could have all been avoided if my mom had stopped giving exsil $$ -- she paid for the charges to be filed against bro though it took her two years to realize it.
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    If you have a smart phone you can put Life 360 on it and it will monitor all sexual predators with the reasons along with pics, hospitals, fire depts. If you also choose you can link to your other mobile phones but that isnt necessary.
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    I just learned that a local pool service has a sex offender with a conviction for producing and distributing and possessing child port working for them. I sent a message via the contact page on the service's website. they actually have the guy living on the business property! I called the # when I recognized the address and the sex offender answered the phone! I did ask what his duties were and he goes into people's homes to clean their pools!! Homes with KIDS in them!!!!

    If the service doesn't deal with this, I bet the local paper would be interested.