Well, I feel like we are back at square one


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Sort of. difficult child is home again this morning. She says she will be going for second period. Back to being exhausted. I try to get her to go to sleep sooner, but you cannot force someone to sleep. She went to sleep around 10:30-11 last night. I know she is tired. With IOP it makes for a long day. She goes to school from 7-2:30, so by the time we get home it is around 2:45 or so. Then we have to leave at 3:30 to get to IOP. And it has been running late so we are not getting home until almost 8 at night. And, I like the program, but they only feed the kids a snack. So she hasn't had dinner, or a shower or homework by the time we are home.
And I know that 3 hours of therapy is draining. I just wish we could get our answers for all of this sooner rather than later. I am trying very very hard to not lose my cool over this. I am just such a timely person that it frustrates me to all ends of the earth.
But, it is perspective. I do realize we are so much further ahead than where we were in Dec. So, she is getting better. For that I am beyond grateful. I keep reminding myself baby steps. And we have not had any rages in a while. Some arguing that dies out quickly, and that is about it. Well, time to go wake her up for 2nd period.


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Great perspective. You are handling this well. I hope she goes back. So strange, I can't have imagined ever leaving my school when I was young. I would have been petrified. I left once in middle school after being bullied. My mom of course let me stay home and helped me through it. That was it. LOL.

I am excited for you to have the sleep study so you can at least get that ruled in or out. I hope medication tests shed light on what is going on. Hard to make a judgement call on what to do when you dont have all of the info, right?

HUGS to you and her... no matter the cause (even if it boils down to manipulation to a degree) there has to be a reason and some help.... seems like you are on the road to that.....


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Thanks Buddy. Right now I am very frustrated with her. She is still in bed. She admitted that she said she would get up for second period just so I would leave her alone. I just wish she would talk to me. She has admitted to me that there are things that she will not tell me. I do not know what they are, or why she won't tell me. I just feel like on top of being physically exhausted, she is carrying such emotional baggage that it is tiring her out too. I did not call her in tardy or absent. I am letting her have to deal with this on her own. I know others disagree, but I feel that she needs to take ownership of this somewhere and she is trying to dodge all of it and hide behind being tired. I explained to her that if she had come home from IOP eaten dinner and got ready for bed and went to sleep right away, I would have been more sympathetic but when she was awake when I told her I was going to sleep, I do not feel so generous with letting her sleep. I guess it is a good thing that I have a therapist appointment. this afternoon. Lots to talk about.


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Hoping for the best outcomes. I've never been in your shoes and it sounds like you are doing a great job of coping and providing support. Have you considered having food, snacks and/or drinks in the car so she can be full before her late afternoon session? I used to do that with one of my difficult child's and it really helped amp up energy a bit and..made difficult child feel special that I had prepared it. Hugs DDD