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    So if u read my thread worst Mother’s day eva this is wht going on now so I woke this morning planning on going to get my daughter the Teenager take her to the doctor n talk to her in see what she going through So my oldest daughter calls me saying The Teenager has the boy in her house she told him he has to leave so I go over their with the police their said their nothing they can do unless they see of if I if I have any proof he having intercourses with her so he leave we’re talking to the offices first she didn’t want to come home then the officer told her she had to because she under age so I continue to talk to her about any & everthing n anything I could about her worth etc so I took her to the doctor got her tested for STD (Pregnancy n also had them to gv her the birth control shot they said it wasn’t due for another two weeks so my insurance wouldn’t cover it it was $80 so I jus paid for it rt rather do that then pay for diaper milk etc I had a long long talk with her I told her we all make mistakes but u don’t run from them face your problem n be able to accept the consequences Dad still upset but calm knw she at home I made her shower told her to eat I knw she upset n stubborn I gv her an antibiotic jus incase she contracted n STD results won’t be in for another week so at this point I will try to keep her busy find her a job or get her in a mentor program I called a mental health faculty but they informed me this would follow her the rest of her life she not crazy just a Teenager dealing with per pressure n young adult hood hormones if their any advice please share trying to guide my daughter in the right direction ....
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    She is young. I'd take full control of her and if she gets mad, too darned bad.

    Our son went off the walls at 15 and had I known then what I know now I would have really really really been tougher and in control.

    I would have made him do things he did NOT want to do such as stay in sports. That is the first thing that comes to mind.

    We never wanted to upset him. BS!! I would have been the biggest biotch he'd ever seen. If only I could do it over again - at that age is what I am referring to. When they are MINORS.

    Don't let her have control. Ever.