What's your escape?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by LauraH, Mar 10, 2019.

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    When I was going through some of the darkest days with my son (not counting his current addiction problems) I discovered the Moody Blues. I had known some of the their music since my college years but in 2003 I "found" them in a whole new way. I immersed myself in the music and then started scouring the internet for any information I could find on them. In the process I found some fan forums and made some very dear friends, some who live near me and some who live on other continents. When I was hurting I would shut myself in my bedroom and get completely lost in the music, which calmed and soothed my heart and soul and took me totally away from everything for a few wonderful moments.

    Since I met my husband I haven't really had the need to "go away" with the Moodies but yesterday and today I am once again turning into the band I love more than any other in the world.

    That's my escape hatch, if only momentary. What's yours?
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    Hi Laura H, I love the Moody Blues and so did my mother. Last May at my mother's memorial service Moody Blues is all that we had playing. When I got to the funeral home and lifted up my mom's ashes the part of the Moody Blues song played 'From the ashes we can build another day'.
    Right now with my current mood I can't listen to the Moody Blues because it makes me miss my mom so much but in time I will enjoy listening to them again.
    Working in my yard with my fruit trees, nut tree and vegetable garden helps ground me.
    Having nice lighting in my home helps me feel peaceful. I love little romantic lamps in different parts of the house.
    I enjoy riding my bike or going to the gym.
    I try to give my husband a massage as often as possible. He has a stressful job and wears his stress on his face, I give him a face massage and watch the stress leave his body, it makes me feel so good that I can use my hands to heal so that is very satisfying to me. I also do this for my daughter.
    Lately I have been scanning my scrap book and posting news clippings and articles and old pictures about my friends on their FB page. They are thrilled to see old articles about themselves and I get enjoyment just listening to how excited they are that I kept these articles.
    I have recently found all my older brothers articles, scanned and put on his FB page and I think it has healed our relationship. My brother is a good man but he can be a major jerk. Our father was strict military and my brother picked up so much of that from our dad. Each time I see my older brother I have to pray to make sure things move smoothly. My younger brother and I have always had a smooth running relationship, it is not hard work nor do I have to watch my words, it is just smooth and he knows my heart.

    Finding a group of spirit filled women that love to laugh and say crazy things is what is most healing for me. Laughter is really wonderful, it can heal each cell in my body... I lost several of my dear fun girl friends recently to death and moving away so my core group is gone. I am in the process of building it back up..

    Thank you LauraH for this interesting question.. It got me moving on the right path this morning.
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    A very dear friend that I met because of my passion for the Moody Blues passed away three years ago. Her funeral was a formal funeral mass but at the reception following, her daughters and niece had made a composite slide show of pictures of my friend from a young girl till shortly before her death and the soundtrack was 100% Moody Blues. She would have loved it.
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    Good thread!

    I took up speed walking with a coworker. It helped me lose weight and cleared my head. I since have moved for my job and found a new coworker that I walk with!

    I also joined a women's bible study group on Tuesday nights. I love meeting everyone and getting their take on the different bible stories that we read and discuss at our meetings. It's non denominational so there are many different religions there.

    My husband and I enjoy our back yard and planting things and watching them grow. This weekend we bought a bluebird house and are trying that as a hobby based on advice from a friend.

    It's the little joys that can keep us grounded and focused.

    Our suffering does nothing to help our suffering adult children.
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    I need to work on this a little more.

    BUT, we moved and made friends with another couple around our age. Once a month we meet for dinner and try to pick a restaurant that is unusual in some way. This past weekend we went to one that originally opened in like 1943. Sometimes, we make homemade meals and eat at each other’s homes. She has two difficult adult children...one of whom can be very unkind to her.

    Hubby and I treated each other to a play the week before that at first we hesitated to do. But...heck...how much time and money did we or are we spending on our children. ??

    We go to the mountains of NC twice a year. It’s very relaxing.

    I personally love getting pedicures. It’s always relaxing. I take a book and just “escape,” my problems.

    PS Googling Moody Blues!!! Lol ;)
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    When I'm really losing it I walk out in nature with my dogs. I live on a lake and there are many wooded trails to meander and clear my head. Sometimes I just sit on my dock and breathe, listening to the birds and enjoying nature. I also go to movies or read books to occupy myself. At one point I got a book on knot tying and started learning to tie all kinds of knots. It was a super zen activity and I found I kinda had a knack for it. Years ago my daughter and her internet boyfriend moved her out of my house and left her part of the house looking like crackheads had lived there. As I cleaned it up I ate a cake and drank a bottle of wine, so there's always that. :drinkntypesmili1:
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    For me, it's fitness. Working out and sweating the stress away. Then, Bible study, decorating or DIY projects, taking a walk, listening to music.
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    My escape is to get out in nature. I love to sit and listen to the sounds of the birds singing, the buzzing of insects, the sound of the breeze through the trees, the sound of water in a stream, creek, ocean. Feeling the sun on my face. Yes, for me this is my happy place. Living in the midwest, that can be a challenge in the winter. For the winter months, I love to relax in front of a nice fire. I can sit there and watch the flames and I feel warm and comforted.