You know those cute little chocolate squares of ex-lax?


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Well...........I have been constipated due to taking the Vicodin for the kidney stone. (I know already too much information). So I bought some ex-lax. Well I got home and realized I had purchased the chocolate bar kind, rather than capsules, which I usually take. I thought oh well, and read the directions.
"Take two pieces."
I am like OK. I will just make that three, you know what's it gonna hurt.
Well...........I stupidly assumed that the "pieces" were like Hershey square pieces. You know they were scored JUST like a Hershey Bar, one big cut squaring off 4 little cuts. And, SO, I unknowingly took 12 pieces.

I was SO, so sick. OMG. I thought I was dying. SO sick. I was up literally all night, throwing up, and with cramping so bad it took my breathe away. So yep, I officially OD'd on Ex Lax. Only ME!

But, it gets better.

Little Ms Tesla wakes up at 6am while I am still running back and forth to the bathroom every 10 minutes and she throws up all over the bed. Then I hear a crunching sound. By the time I get back in she had vomited and is re-eating pieces of some pretty large animal she must have gotten a hold of last night. The little vertebrae pieces were all over the place and appx 1/2 in diameter, and the palate of the vermin was on the floor OMG. Really. BLECK!!!!

So I had to cancel my hearing with the EEOC due to EXTREME nausea, etc, and of course when can they re-schedule? June.

Yes, I am having a stellar week. Of course in retrospect it is kinda funny - but not in the moment:( Really who does this? I wonder about me sometimes. UGH.


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I am so sorry. Constipation from pain medications can be awful. At one point I changed medications and couldn't "go" for 2 weeks. Then the doctor gave me some medication that is a shot. Thank GOD he warned me to not do it if I have to go anywhere for 24 hrs after. It started working in less than 10 min and I was in Hades for 12 hrs. Not as bad as with the withdrawal in late march when they didn't send my rx, but close.

I hate when the animals eat a critter. It is one reason I never wanted Capn Morgan to go out. He insists and it drives me nuts. Luckily he mostly stays on the porch.

I hope you feel better soon!


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One thing that really helps with this issue when you are on pain medications is a wrap bread called "Flat Wraps". The LIGHT version has 9 grams of fiber per piece of bread - about the highest I have found in a serving of anything. They taste GOOD - esp the italian flavored ones and make a hearty sandwich with a piece of cheese or whatever inside.

the fiber bars that are sold are also a good thing. My kids seem to like all the flavors of them. Both items can be found at Walmart here.


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I know I shouldn't be smiling as I read of your misery but it brings back memmories of 1960's college dorm life. Two of my best friends had "the hots" for some chocolate in the middle of the night. They roamed up and down the dorm halls...even waking up others from deep sleeps...begging for chocolate. Finally one girl handed them a ?? chocolate bar and told them "only eat a piece or two". Not. They divied the whole bar and pigged out.

They ended up in the University infirmary for two days! Yep, it was Ex Lax. In our teens we all thought it was the funiest story we had every heard. The girls were embarrassed to death as the whole campus soon heard the story.

On a more mature note...I can only imagine how awful you felt. Sorry it messed up your schedule etc. But :bigsmile: I may just call my sorority sisters and ask them "had any Ex Lax lately?" Yep, like me, they are in their 70's and still kicking. I imagine they are still Cutty fans too. Hugs. DDD


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Increasing your fiber intake - once you can eat again - will help. It iwll help with the lingering results of the exlax as well as the constipation. If you can eat miniwheats they help a LOT. I have had IBS for many years and mostly have been able to control it by eating lots of miniwheats. I eat them as a snack with-o milk. You can also make homemade granola with a high fiber content that will help.

by the way, if you end up on pain medications long term (and you may with kidney problems and other health issues), it is good to know that immodium can help with withdrawal. Not just because you go into severe digestive problems (both ends) but immodium is similar to opiates in chemical makeup. It won't help the pain but it does bind to the same receptors and at a larger than normal dose is a HUGE help with symptoms if you have to go through that before getting a refill of medications or if you are stopping htem too fast.


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Sounds like no matter what you do Steely - it's a slippery slope. I for one? Try to have a bowl of bran cereal a few times a week to stay 'regular' and that seems to just move me right along. As far as your adventures with ExLax? I'm not sure what to tell you, but on one hand it sounds like you did solve at least ONE problem. I think when you are blowing a dam you're only supposed to use one stick of dynamite, but in an uncontrolled explosiion? It's possible that since the river has been unleashed you may just need to let it run its course until things are flowing normally again.

Drink plenty of water, and fluids (1/2 Gatorade and 1/2 water not full gatorade to keep up electrolytes) for now and I would say probably some probiotics like yogurt when you can handle it to reset the good bacteria in your system.

Hugs -

Oh and YOU Tesla? Bad Dingo! (normal) but BAD - Mom did NOT need another mess right now. Blech.

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Well it's absolutely horrible for you, who took too much simply by accident.

But solved some bunk mates of my sis from snitching cookies my mom sent her........she made up a phoney batch using ex lax instead of choc chips. They left her food alone......and it was like a neon sign as to who the thieves were in the unit.

Ewwww Ewwww on the doggie puke though, and omg of course when you're living your own hades is when it happens.......ugh Hope the pup is ok.

And hope you feel better soon too. That is not a fun experience by a long shot.



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I can only imagine how horrible you are/have been because taking the prescribed dose makes me that way, minus the vomiting - although I wished I would. I recommend Miralax next time. Or the senna laxative (the Kroger brand is Senna-S, don't know the name brand). Much more gentle and just, if not more, effective.

I hope you're feeling better soon.


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In retrospect it IS slightly humorous. :) I know I am smart, but sometimes, I KNOW I can space. Geez. This would be one of those splendid times. I told Matt what happened and I thought he was gonna fall out of his chair laughing - their is a difficult child humor for you. And my Mom was like "throw that box away! That's horrible." OK, already did it Mom. Thanks though?

I am feeling better, 24 hours later, mostly. I rarely take laxatives, and just eat lots of veggies, but those pain killers caught me by surprise. I don't have to take the Vicodin anymore - so I should be OK - but if I am not I will take all of your advice. Looking forward to sleep tonight......yay.

Is this week over yet?


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This reminds me of when I was a teenager. They used to have a chocolate or carmel, candy but it was a diet pill. I struggled with a weight issue and wanted to drop some pounds. My friend told me about these good tasting chocolate diet squares. OMG they were so good, I ate the whole box. Ugh, I was awake for like three days, just felt totally stoned. My eyes were dilated and I looked a hot mess. My mom let me stay home from school, but she said that I must have a virus. I can't remember the name of them but I am going to find out. lol.


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:rofl: OMG - I remember those - but I never took them - because I had a friend that did the same thing!!!!!