Youth league day of reckoning nigh!

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I've posted before about the new youth lacrosse league I'm involved in. I was "hired" to create the website and help launch the program. I use the term loosely because it's doubtful I'll get paid this year much if anything this year -- too many start-up expenses to cover (we've hired a lawyer to help us with our non-profit application, setting up our BoD and structuring the business side correctly so that there's no conflict of interest and the people doing the work can get paid).

    The website's done and working the way it's supposed to. I created all the registration materials as well as an online form and set up a payment gateway, and learned a lot in the process. I was able to get us some ink in the local papers. Got our promotional post card posted on the local school websites (the director took on distributing the cards to the actual schools, as well as hanging banners throughout the community).

    Well, our walk-in registration event is just a week away! I'm meeting this morning with the director and the other two gals he roped into this to go over the logistics for next Sunday. I say "roped" because he never really told us his plans for this whole operation in the beginning. Or at least he didn't tell me! It was just "can you help me out with the website?" and he neglected to mention all the other stuff I'd be doing! Anyway, with everything coming to a head, we're all a little anxious, but hopefully it all pans out. There have only been about 25 online or mailed-in registrations... and we need at least 150-ish to pull this off! But the other two gals are fairly certain that we'll get the majority of the people at the walk-in date since most people tend to procrastinate. I sure hope they're right. The director was freaking out about this last week -- worried that the families would buy all their gear (not from us), play around with it, and then we'd realize we'd have to cancel the league due to lack of registrations and then the families would all be ticked that they have this used equipment they can't return! I told him it's not our problem to worry about -- they can always go register with another league (though the only other one in our area costs more than twice what we charge).

    I hope this goes well... we've all worked so hard to make it happen!
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    I can understand the "opening night jitters" getting to you all. Each year with our annual fundraising event I worry that nobody will sign up, lol. Sending supportive thoughts your way. In a way it's like having a difficult child,'ve given your very best and just have to hope it can fly solo. Hugs DDD
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    Good luck. You have been working on this for a long time. I am glad you are at the point where you can see how it all pays off. I bet it will be a huge success!