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    I hope someone here can help me with this. I didn't have a cmoputer for over three years, so missed out on all the new stuff going on the web for a while. I am very un-youtube knowledgable.
    My son came home from school today and told me that he was told there were videos up on youtube of him. If you all remember he was having trouble with neighborhood kids. At one time I know at least one of the kids were using their phone to video him.
    Anyway, my question to you all is: Is there a way to search youtube for videos by originating location? Is there a way to search youtube without having to go through every video posted? If there are videos posted of him, what can I do to get them down? Help! I know that any videos of him up there are only there to make fun of his reactions to being teased.
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    You can search for his name. You can also type in your city and state in the search box, or school name, etc.

    I'm pretty sure if you contact youtube, they'll take it down.
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    Okay, I found two videos posted by the same person of my son. He is reacting to being teased and do not show him in a good light. Okay, I know my son. I know he's no angel. I know he will react to being teased, as do the kids who tease him and posted the videos. I tried calling the contact number listed, but get an automated service with noone to take calls. I will be writing an email to youtube and they will be taking them down or I will be contacting an attorney. My son is a minor with Aspergers Syndrome and will not be harrassed and judged by people who do not know him. On one of the videos someone had commented this kid is going to prison. UMMMMMMM No he's not, but the teasers/taunters/harrasers will. Their parents do not care what they do and one of these days they're going to go too far.
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    That is horrible that they did that to your son. Shame on them.