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    Dollar Tree has generic Zyrtec (box says 24 allergy medication and top right corner reads, "Compare to Zyrtec"), 14 count box for $1. A 5 count box of Zyrtec is almost $6 regularly. We got 56 pills (4 boxes) for $4. Also got Excedrin Migraine (brand name) 8 pill box for $1.

    Just thought I'd pass it along. I remember DDD was asking about allergy medications recently.
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    That is a really good price. I will go to the one here to see if they also ahve it. Just make sure it is the same ingredient. It usually is though. For those on the state kids insurance plan, most of them will cover claritin or zyrtec even though you can get them OTC. You just have to have the doctor write the rx and there is no fee or whatever your copay is. These are the ONLY allergy medications they cover.