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Hi! I’m a Nana, too. Is there a place for grandmothers who don’t have custody but just love and watch their grandchildren?
Courage can't see around corners but goes around them anyway. *Mignon McLaughlin
We are going to Mt. Carmel Natl Park, Tel Megiddo, Tzipori National Park; Mt. Arbel, Ein Gedi, En Avdat, and City of David.
I have 17 y.o. who self medicates with weed, is openly defiant of house rules, and other rules that he doesn't agree with.
JMom, I notice a reference to a book you've written but couldn't find the post where the name of it was mentioned. What is the title?
Adult child living on disability, irresponsible in roles of mother, money management, making adult decisions, bent on breaking rules.
Daughter refuses to be an adult and manipulates me, so she can get her own way. Bruised heart at the moment.
Hello all, my battle weary friends! It is though, isn’t it? Exhausting, confusing and down right scary? My B. is 16 and has many diagnosises