1. runawaybunny

    Compensatory strategies to disguise autism spectrum disorder may delay diagnosis

    First scientific study of compensatory strategies -- techniques to camouflage autism -- finds that they have positive and negative outcomes, increasing social integration, but possibly also resulting in poor mental health for autistic people, and could be a barrier to diagnosis. For the first...
  2. G

    Where do I start?

    I have a 5 year old daughter. She is an angel at school. No trouble at dance. Great for the grandparents and babysitters. But with her dad & I at home, she loses it when the word NO comes out. Screaming matches for hours. Throwing anything she can get her hands on. Crying and screaming til she...
  3. Amity

    6yr old no formal diagnosis

    Help. Not sure if this is better here or general. My son is 6 and entering 1st grade. Another school year and no closet to an actual diagnosis than when he was 3. Each year he sees all these people and had an iep because of the special needs he has. HOWEVER, no matter how many doctors I take him...