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I am a single parent of two grown up boys, both having A.D.H.D. and one having added issues such as autism and mental health problems, anxiety. I need help and advise how to cope any further before I make one of them homeless, as I can not cope and he is making our lives a nightmare?
I am a mother of three adult children and grandma to five loveable grandkids. My son is bipolar mixed. He has come a long way. And I'm thankful. My youngest daughter has several mental health issues, one I'm sure is a Borderline (BPD). Because doctors don't live with her, they seem to miss this diagnosis.
I can emphasize with your situation with your daughter. Part of my daughters Borderline (BPD) is the ability to be incredibly charming, manipulating many a “ professional “ to overlooking Borderline (BPD). The seriousness of her mental illness was not seen by providers until we had a team of in home therapist & mentor.The unfortunate reality is my daughter did not improve and she / we struggle to this day dealing with her Borderline (BPD).
Raising my 7 year old grandson who was a neonatal abstinence baby now diagnosed with ADHD and mood dysregulation disorder. This is the hardest thing I've ever done but my love for him keeps me going
the trick is not to give up, even if those around you do. And don't really understand the reason why he is like the way he is. You know that he can't help most of the way he is, he was born that way - just take a little more time and patience to deal with some situations.
Tired of jumping through hoops!
I need help on how to let go of my adult daughter who has made it her mission to make me jump through hoops for the past 10 years. I am so tired and worn down and refuse to do it anymore.
If your a believer in Christ and answered prayers, Pray and give her to God, I did this with my daughter, and I no longer hurt but have sympathy for her now. I see the hurt and pain of our non communication in her face. I just pray for her daily now..