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I hope this is a private message, as it appears to be. I just wanted to ask if Kay's psychosis (if that's what it is) is drug induced or an actual mental illness? I know when my son was using meth he had such crazy paranoid delusions that it was truly terrifying and heartbreaking to watch. The good news is that once he stopped using all that largely went away.
Me - married, 59. Husband 60, soulmate since age 19.
Easy child 26 (who my son would call the 'Golden Child') is like a sunshiny day to all who know them.
Difficult child son 24, currently cut us off after we called the police to remove him for the second time. Oppositional to his father since age 2. Intelligent and manipulative, possibly Aspie type, likes to threaten suicide and smash nearby objects to make a scene.
I’m so sorry you have been dealing with this for so long. :(