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Don't even know where to begin. Adult daughter (28) and teenage (17) son have a different set of "difficulties". It's draining me. I just wanted to raise happy, successful children and I feel like my husband and I failed miserably. I feel like everything that is "wrong" with my kids is my fault because there is so much mental illness in my family.
I'm not going to sugarcoated.If you knew mental illness runs in the family and you choose to have children, than yes it is your fault.Its time for the parents to make LOGICAL DECISIONS NOT EMOTIONAL.
Hello, This Jan 1 will be 13 years since my son was killed. He was 19. My surviving son Ray is now 33 and an active addict an is homeless. He has 2 beautiful children that I had to help his mom gain full custody of. We have not spoken in almost 3 years other than horrible text messages he sends me, I have now blocked him.
Proud dad of boys. I have a daughter but she's estranged and a handful.I'm a Fan of Clemson. Outdoors, Fishing, Bonfires & Camping are my thing. Oh ya, and definitely common sense. Hi everyone.
Today I woke up hopeless and depressed. I turned to this forum and feel so much better. I am feeling more hope for my ability to detach and live my own life.
Hi, just found this forum again. I am not very good with forums.
Brokenmom, is there something we can help you with? Are you having difficulty posting? I’m not sure what you mean by not good with forums. Let me know, ok? I’m glad you found us again.