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Proud dad of boys. I have a daughter but she's estranged and a handful.I'm a Fan of Clemson. Outdoors, Fishing, Bonfires & Camping are my thing. Oh ya, and definitely common sense. Hi everyone.
Today I woke up hopeless and depressed. I turned to this forum and feel so much better. I am feeling more hope for my ability to detach and live my own life.
Hi, just found this forum again. I am not very good with forums.
Brokenmom, is there something we can help you with? Are you having difficulty posting? I’m not sure what you mean by not good with forums. Let me know, ok? I’m glad you found us again.
I am a formerly difficult child who was diagnosed with anxiety and ODD and medicated with Prozac at age 5. At the time of my diagnosis in the early 90s, I was in the first wave of very young children treated with Prozac and was used as a case study for the effects of Prozac on young children, in the treatment of ODD and for long-term treatment at higher dosages.