support for parents of mentally ill adults

  1. Ca Mom Losing Hope

    Slowly Breaking Me Down

    I am not even sure where to start with this update. The last 4 – 6 weeks has been very tough. My difficult child has been breaking me down little by little. Just to recap, my difficult child is going to be 22 years old in June and has been giving me troubles with violence, drugs, and indifference to any situation...
  2. BackintheSaddle

    Email from difficult child-- do I (how) respond?

    Hello all- I got an email from my difficult child (who hasn't been talking to me this week) sent me an email today that I've pasted below (in italics-- copied it directly, no hello or anything)...I need your advice on if/how to respond! the gist of our story culminated on 12/21 when he, my 19yo son, bipolar...
  3. dashcat

    Daughter diagnosed with bipolar

    Some of you may recall that my difficult child was d/x'd very recently with bi-polar disorder. She was instructed to have some blood work done and, after the results were in, the psychiatrist would call in a prescripton for lithium. She did have the blood work done (they have to be sure there are no kidney or...