Abusive son and husband


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My husband introduced his 3 sons to alcohol at an early age despite me begging him not to. That began years of verbal and physical abuse toward me and my disabled daughter. My now 36 year-old son began verbally attacking me and breaking things in my home in his early teens and has never stopped. His father just watches and does nothing even when my son has put his hands on me. I almost stabbed my son in October 2014 when he verbally attacked his little sister. I moved away and kicked my husband out, but he refuses to leave me alone. I have not spoken to my son since but I am still afraid of him and want him out of my life permanently. I have gone through restraining orders, but they don't give much security when my husband shows them where my daughter and I live. I say I have two children instead of four and I feel terrible even though I tell myself I was up against evil.


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I would immediatally seek help at a domestic abuse shelter. He will not be able to get to you or your girls and plans can be made to keep you safe.
Are you involved with the police? I know sometimes they cant do much about stalking.
I am so sorry about your terror. Do try a domestic abuse shelter. You and your girls need safety and a good plan to stay that way.
Big hugs.
I know this was posted Thursday. I hope that you are ok.

My heart goes out to you.

So do my prayers.

I agree with the above, please go to a shelter. And alert the police. No, they are not that helpful in most cases, but you have to have a record in the event something worse happens.