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    Sorry I'm so late posting this:

    Note from Lothlorien ....
    Please PM Wintersgrace or Lothlorien for the address. Thanks.
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    And might I add....

    The cards and letters coming from the board members have been so much comfort to both Janet and Tony. Right now Tony is carrying the full load of trying to work, take care of the house and bills, getting Billy to work and being Janet's biggest cheerleader. For those sending cards, a card of support to Tony would be nice, too.

    He's so moved by everyone that he told me again tonight that he's really hoping that Janet is well enough to come to the board gathering next year so he can meet everyone.

    Tony is truly a :warrior: husband.
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    Thank you! I'll get a card out to her and Tony this weekend. I'm glad she has him there and I know she loves him and he is a great support to her.
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    Thanks for the new info. Janet is a lucky woman! :) Good for her!
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    Thank you, Heather!
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    Thanks Heather. I'll be sending something off as soon as I can find 5 spare minutes.

    Janet and Tony truely do love each other. :)
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    Thank you!
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    Thank you thank you thank you!

    Heather, could you PM me Tony's address? Thanks...
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