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Yeah I think I liked her hair longer. Her stylist needs to keep her younger looking. She is young. I saw her sing something with the hair short and curly and she was better looking than she was last nite. Maybe it was because she was dressed in jeans and outside so she was more natural.

LOL...Suz...she would fit right in with my boys! They cant say "calamari" either. LMAO.
I am sorry, but I just thought Kelli looked bad last night. I love the girl, and if she has had something "done" great, good for her. That dress just was not a good look for her. husband even said, wow, what's with the dress? And the hair, sorry, just don't like the Dolly/Marilyn Monroe wanna be look. She needs longer tresses to draw her full face down a bit. Does that make sense? I thought she was gorgeous when she was competing in AI, not liking this short hair on her tho. She would have looked great in a more flattering dress as well.

Loved her song, her voice sounded awesome, even better than I remembered. Still liking Carrie better but Kelli is good.

I could not believe Sanjiay(sp?) wasn't the one to go. Both husband and I kinda gasped! He just does not fit in at all. I am so glad AJ sang the heck out of that song last night, good for him, got out fighting! Sanj... whatever his name is, is a cutie, but not near up to singing against the Chris's or Blake or a few others whos names escape me.

I think I am liking this season so far. The girls are beautiful, seemed relaxed and poised on stage and have awesome voices (at least MY top 4), and the guys, have strong, smooth voices and most have great stage presense. I am blown away each season by how polished up these kids get week after week.



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I didn't care for Kelli's look either. I thought she looked like Barbara Mandrell. She just looked too old. The hair and the make up were bad! I liked her song though.

I felt bad for AJ. Not so much for the other, cause they weren't that good, but the picking order really should have been Sanjaya and Antonella. The both of them shouldn't have even made it to the top 24, to be honest.