***American Idol***


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Sorry everybody, I do listen to Howard Stern, I have for 15 years.

That said, I don't support this campaign and I think it stinks. He is getting a kick out of it. He wants to see Sanjaya win so he can see Simon "pull his hair out". Many of his listeners calling in are using mass dialers and admitting to thousands of votes.

I don't think Sanjaya will go all the way. When it gets down to the last few, the people voting for the BEST will far outnumber the people voting for the worst.

By the way his girlfriend/fiancee doesn't support this either.


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If AI would do the right thing and LIMIT the calls to X amount of calls per phone number and then also allow voting online X amount of times per email addy...it would fix this. Yes there are people who could have several phone lines and several email addys but they couldnt have the same effect as mass dialers.