Glad I found this group


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Update on my son: the public defender (an angel from heaven) talked the States Attorney into putting my son in a "diversion" program, whereby he completes to the court's satisfaction 18 months of treatment and stays out of trouble (and sober). If my son can do that, they are willing to drop all charges. This is a miracle. Remember, until I turned this whole mess over to God, it wasn't looking good for my son, sitting in jail at the time and looking at possible sentence(s) of 5-10 years. Two days after I just gave up, a new public defender took over his case and started working hard to find a solution for helping him get his bipolar disorder under control and giving up the "self medication". He has been told repeatedly that if he blows this chance, there will be no more chances and the charges will all be reinstated.
I am working with my therapist to figure out a "balance" -- of being hopeful and supportive, but not being devastated if he relapses. This is not an easy task.


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Hi RJ, glad it all seems to be working out for you. The tension will slowly fade but will be a while before its gone. My wife and I still have the occasional day where we just tense up because something reminds us of the bad times, even though our son as been doing good for several years now. Our initial response to seeing his name on the phone or PM is to think "Oh God! What now?!?!" even though we haven't had one of those calls in many years. Take care of yourself. Also, you might want to add a signature so its easier for people to remember what's going on over all.


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Hi RJ!

I am glad you are here. I hope your diversion program works, I wish we had that option when my son was using hard drugs. I am glad you turned it over to God. That is wonderful, as we have no control. It's just as easy to expect the best as it is to expect the worst. Relax and enjoy the time he is in treatment. Do something wonderful for yourself. A brisk walk, bubble bath, read a book, comedy movies...the possibilities are endless for self care!