Go ahead and line up for the "I told you so's..."


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Wow...I've not heard of PO's dropping by at any time and slapping handcuffs on when the violator is disrespectful! Congratulations CAMom...you've got a winner there!

PO's do like to flex their muscles, but we've not had the opportunity to see anything other than just disgusted faces and threats of "what could happen".

Don't beat yourself up to hard on the denial part. Smoking pot is not anything new. What is new is that it is much stronger now than before, and they use cigar casings to make it burn more slowly too. Add this to the genetic predisosition of ADD kiddos and you've got something you didn't intend for!

It's good if they run an 8 or 10panel drug test, as well as quantitative levels. You can actually see the levels go down. It takes about 4weeks for the level to reach undetectable and sometimes 6wks for a heavy user.

Hopefully you can find a decent counselor, one that can relate to your son and one that he will relate to. We're using a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in substance abuse assessment and treatment. This guy actually used to run a DUI group.

Crossing body parts for you all.


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I'm sorry you are going through all this. It is natural for a mom to want to believe the best regarding their child. We all have been there done that. I hope this is enough to get your son to wise up. -RM


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Wow CAmom, Can you send that PO my way? Lol!! I like his style. You have to remember that these PO's deal with allot of kids that have done worse but the cool thing is that they show no preference in the ways that they deal with any offender and it should be that way. If they were preferential it would mean that they are letting their guard down and that alone can turn into a dangerous situation. They treat everyone the same. I am glad that you now have the law on your side. I'll tell ya, I have discovered that the only way that my difficult child will be able to get that rude awakening is to get caught doing something stupid and sadly at this point I see it coming considering the way she is going. How sad that the worse has to happen before the police actually do their job when it comes to a drunk teen. I have had my difficult child brought home in cuffs (Drunk) and dropped in my lap with no consequences from the very police that are supposed to be upholding the laws that we have in place for underage drinking. Go figure, Why do we have the laws if the laws are never upheld. In some ways it may be a blessing (Referring to $ fines that the parent will have to endure) but in other ways it does not help matters when the parent or parents are in save mode trying to head off the worst from happening in their difficult children future. Its like we are stuck and can only do so much as the parent.