Learning to Cook Simple, Healthy Meals

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  1. AnnieO

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    1 whole chicken, rinsed, remove giblets etc. if it has them. Toss in a crock pot. Lightly salt and pepper, set to low when you leave in the morning. You will have a super tender roast chicken when you come home!
  2. Lil

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    I do pretty much the same thing, with a few additions. I crumple up three or four balls of aluminum foil and put them in the bottom of the pot to hold the chicken up off the bottom. I cut up an onion and put it in the cavity. I sprinkle more spices, especially paprika and sage and rosemary over the chicken. But yep...really easy.
  3. InsaneCdn

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    Easiest oven chicken:

    Oil bottom of pan
    Spread chicken parts (thighs, drums, or legs) in a single layer
    Sprinkle with one of: seasoned salt, OR lemon pepper, OR basic "salt and pepper"

    Heat oven to 375F
    Bake chicken for at least 80 minutes (our family likes them done 90-100 minutes)

    *hardest part is learning what size pan to use! Needs to have good sides on it - not a cookie sheet, or you get chicken fat all over the oven. 9x13 (rectangular cake pan) works well for our family of 4.
  4. Janette Romano

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    I think, its easy to cook and plan healthy meals as long as the ingredients are available. Anyone can do this if one is really interested or has a deep passion in cooking. Actually, I appreciate what has been posted regarding preparation of foods.