Poem about worrying

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by MissLulu, Feb 15, 2020.

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  2. 200Meters

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  3. BusynMember

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    I love this. And try to do this each day. Worry is a choice and we can learn how to shut it down. it probably takes people, like me, lots of therapy and for me spiritual reading and awakening but it can be made ALOT better.

    Worry just hurts us. Thanks for this.
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  4. louise2350

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    I am slowly learning how to deal with worrying. There was an event coming up which caused me worry. I trained myself to dismiss this worrying thought from my mind when it would come up. After I attended the event I found myself actually having a good time talking to others I hadn't seen in a while with the person present who was causing me this anxiety (not my d.d) but some other family member. Everything turned out very good. It's a hard thing to do dismissing worry but with practice I think it works.
  5. Triedntrue

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    Advice i need to listen too. Working on it.
  6. RN0441

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    Me and my husband are worry warts.

    He wakes up nightly worrying about work. Worried about promotion. He got promotion. Now he's worried about new job.

    I worry about our son. How will he end up? Will he ever be truly happy? Will he meet a nice girl? Will he get a good job? Wake up worrying about him. We both lay in bed and toss and turn some nights.

    I have a strong faith and do give it to God and work so hard to not worry.

    I know it is a waste of energy and does not change one thing.

    I just keep praying about it. Nothing else we can do.
  7. BusynMember

    BusynMember Well-Known Member

    To all who worry:
    Suggestion: Buy a DBT for Anxiety workbook. I found it greatly helpful. Read Distress Tolerance. I refer back to this when I slip. It is on Amazon. The whole book is worth it, but Distress Tolerance...wow. New ideas. I also liked the part on Radical Acceptance but Distress Tolerance was new to me. I already knew about RA.
  8. Acacia

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    I love Mary Oliver’s poetry. It is really inspiring and connects us to nature, which is good for all.

    Thanks for info on distress tolerance.

    Still worry , but so much less than I used to.
  9. MissLulu

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    I posted this poem mainly for myself. I worry excessively and I’m trying to work on that! That’s for the recommendation Busy. I’ll look out for information on Distress Tolerance.
  10. BusynMember

    BusynMember Well-Known Member

    You can find it online too. I just like having the highlighted book handy.