Sample letters: parent request for initial IEP evaluation

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    Below are urls for sample letters requesting that the school district evaluate your child (parent referral).

    A couple of these urls mention specific timelines required for the school district to complete the multidiscplinary evaluation. Should you wish to include specific terminology of this nature, be aware that the timelines are State specific -- check your State regs for this information.
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    Good idea,alisha.
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    The one I had in the archives is off-line. It was my favorite. :(
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    Thanks so much Alisha. I can't wait until I get home tonight to get started on this. More good news. I just talked to Behavior Mod. therapist (what a sweetie). He was LIVID about the way that the principal and teacher were talking to me about difficult child. He wanted names!! I don't know what that means. Anyway...the good news is that behav. mod said he would gladly act as difficult child's advocate when we get to the IEP procedings. Praise God for this man. I really thought I may have to get an outside person to help me with being the advocate. But behav mod has done this before and since he knows difficult child so well, I am just so happy he said he would do this....I want to cry. And I told him about a piece of advice that all (or some) of you had given me about letting the school discipline while he is there and not carrying over the punishment at home (cause he gets in enough trouble at home) and he totally agrees with that for now. A small blessing in this turbulent time.
    thanks again
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