Special Education student taped to chair

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    I'm just shaking my head...and she was a behavior specialist:crazy1:
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    I would definitely report this immediately! I don't think this is legal! If it is not stopped it will happen again and next time could be more severe!
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    Hon, It's a newspaper article, not my child. The teacher has already been suspended and will likely be fired.

    But I agree, it is illegal and I'm glad she was caught.
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    My sons first grade teacher had twins, a cheating husband, no money and post partum derpession...

    My son is SEVERELY adhd.

    This teacher taped a note to his body with packing tape - clear 2" packing tape, and and envelope that read MOM.

    I found him at the end of the sidewalk - in tears. He begged me to wait about contacting the teacher (it probably saved her life and me going to jail)

    When I went back to school - I gave them 2 hours to get an emergency meeting together and showed them the note, the tape and I wanted her gone-

    I was furious - they didn't care - my son went back to her class, and she remained his teacher despite A TON of problems.

    I will say - if that happened to me and Dude today? She would not be teaching - I just didn't have a warrior Mom attitude or knowledge then.

    My son never forgot it.

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    The teacher received an elementary teaching certificate and an endorsement as a learning behavior specialist in June 2007, Vaughn said. She received a substitute teacher certificate in July of 2006, and has been working for CPS since 2006, he said.

    I wonder if she really does work for cps in addition to teaching or if that was just a typo.

    OK I get it now. Chicago public schools not child protective sevices
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    That is disgusting!!
    And right in my backyard for crying out loud!
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    My memory and sense of time is not so great, but a couple years ago, a teacher in our county Special Education district (composed of all our county districts) got caught duct taping elem, or middle school kids.
    It did wind up in court, and there were several witnesses- but- just recently it was quietly dropped due to- lack of evidence? Around the same time a HS Special Education teacher here was arrested for giveing marijuana to a Special Education student here. That also went to court, and that, too was quietly dropped, also for lack of evidence. I believe that teacher was also arrested for ?? haveing a romantic relationship? with a student and for getting high WITH that student?

    I do seem to remember posting about those incidents, I think all in one post, at the time they occured.

    My Buffys 5th grade teacher was caught by my husband, our cub scout leader and PTA head standing on her desk screaming at the reg ed 5th grade class, calling them cuss word names- so loud you could hear her in parking lot. When reported, the principal shrugged and said "what do you want me to do, she has tenure" She is still a teacher there. And from what I hear, she still climbs up atop her desk and screams and calls the kids swear word names. (and Buffy is now 19)

    More than once, I called police and DCFS on things school did, things that would have resulted in me loseing my kids and me going to jail, but, it seems the school has some sort of immunity or something.
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    I used to supervise student teachers in the CPS years ago for my university. the "cooperating teacher" (who is supposed to be picked because she is good NOT "in need of help) of one of my students, lock a little boy in an oldfashioned coat closet on a Friday afternoon and forgot about him at the end of the day

    He was located late on Saturday...The teacher was fired but that was then and this is now...The parent did not due. I think we are a litigious society but I would have sued them to the end of the earth if it had been my kid.

    This case was all over the national news. Disgusting is correct.


    ALL Special Education teacher are "behaviro specialists" in IL...no categories. This does not mean anything and LB I (LEarning and Behavior Specialist I) can be well or poorly trained....they all have the same title.

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    That is horrible. I have thought of it, I have dreamed of it, but I have never done it.
  12. Some years back difficult child's first grade teacher duct taped one of difficult child's classmates to a chair. It hit all of the news stations. The teacher was a first year teacher and he said that the child's grandfather had suggested he do this, and had given him permission, because they were out of his medications, and couldn't afford to refill the prescription.

    The teacher "resigned". I understand that he is now teaching in another school district here in the Atlanta area. My personal opinion had been that the particular student did not belong in that classroom without a personal aide and the teacher was not getting help that he needed. I felt that the entire situation could have been prevented. The child's family, interestingly enough, was never upset about the situation.
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    According to the Washington Post, there are approximately 3,000,000 public school teachers in this country.

    If you subtract the two talked about on this thread, that leaves 2,999,998 teachers that managed to get through the day without taping anybody to a seat.

    The fact that this even made the news shows you how rarely something like this happens. I think it needs to be kept in perspective.

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    It might be easier to keep in perspective when it is not your child, or your school district.

    I do not think anyone in this post said "all teachers" are like this or anything. Seems like it was posted and presented as simply one awful incident. (altho a couple people posted disturbing incidents involving teachers) I think everyone is aware and agrees there are lots of good teachers out there, just like there are lots of good doctors, lawyers, and people in general. Heck, there are lots great difficult children, too. I do think it was kept in perspective.
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    in my humble opinion, the board as a whole often loses perspective of the big picture. I was simply reminding everyone that most teachers, in fact the vast majority of teachers, work hard every day and get little recognition for the good things that they do. Instead, a few bad apples do things and the newspapers sensationalize what happens which makes the rest of us look bad.

    A very good friend of mine was recently attacked and hospitalized by one of her Asperger's students. I could have started a thread titled "Special Education student attacks a teacher" but didn't because I knew it would sensationalize the incident and that most Special Education students don't physically attack their teachers. It would have given a wrong impression about Special Education students so I didn't post it although it greatly upset me at the time.

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    Kathy, over the years I have ascertained that I like you. :D But you really appear to be so eager to defend your profession that it makes it difficult for others to criticize...even when criticism is warranted. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a caring professional AND the majority of the teachers are also in that category. on the other hand if we ignore
    the problem employees we are doing a diservice to the population. It
    is completely reasonable to say, for example, that very few correctional officers would watch a kid being beat to death like happened in Florida.
    The fact that one group of CO's made such poor choices means that the
    system needs to reassess training...it doesn't mean that we need to fire
    all the CO's. Did you see the female CO (also in Florida, by the way) who dumped the partially paralyzed man out of his wheelchair? The other
    "officers" did nothing. It is mind boggling.

    The bad apple kids need to get extra help. The bad apple teachers need to be redirected. The bad apple CO's need to change jobs and the bad apple cops and SAO employees who exploit their power need to be made accountable. The best people to call for accountability are their
    peers. People like you need to say "that is wrong" "that person is not
    appropriate to work at my side". Change comes from within. DDD
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    I like you, too.:love-very:

    Trust me. no one on this board has ever had any problem criticizing my profession no matter what I said. :rofl: I think you can rest easy on that one.

    Just to set the record straight, though, I have never said that the bad apples shouldn't be weeded out or that the teachers in these cases were very wrong. I just said that there should be some balance on this board.

    Just once I would like to see a thread titled "Teacher goes above and beyond" or "Teacher puts in 60 hours a week." Those threads just don't happen on this board.

    Someone once said that teachers never last very long on this board. Is it any wonder? Very few people here want to hear the other side. The same people that complain they can't handle one difficult child at home are eager to complain when a teacher can't teach their child and 25 other children at the same time.

    by the way, if you care to know, my friend was in the hospital for 2 days and out of the classroom for a week. The difficult child's father laughed at the manifestation hearing when she described her injuries and emotional trauma. The solution at the manifestation hearing was to move him from her school to mine. He has already threatened a teacher at my school.

    How come no one on the board starts threads when teachers are attacked in school? Even though statistically that happens far more often then a teacher duct taping a child to a chair.

    Just saying. . .

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    I guess I don't see anything so unusual about working 60 hours a week. A lot of people in various professions do it, so should we write about all of them?

    I worked a job for 5 years where I never worked less than 55 hours a week and as a salaried employee got paid for 40. I also worked those hours 12 months, 52 weeks out of the year. In fact, if I absolutely had to leave at what would have been my scheduled time to leave, I had to remind people all day long. It was a job where I also only had 2 weeks of paid leave a year, including sick days. The same job where in that 5 years I NEVER got to take off 5 days in a row. In every position I've held at every company, I've seen people do this or have done it myself. I just don't see it as anything extraordinary. It's just what people do when the job demands require it.

    As far as teachers going above and beyond, I have seen people write about it. I've written about it myself. My daughter has had a couple of wonderful teachers and has amazing teachers right now.

    However, she has also had terrible teachers backed by an even worse principal. They had 2 teachers in the classroom all day with 24 students and they just "didn't have time" to do the little things that would have helped difficult child. Things the Student Services Director said they were required to do. Everyone - all of the professionals - have said that had we been able to get interventions in the SD at that particular stage, when difficult child's issues really began to have a negative impact on her life, then it probably would not have escalated to the point it has. To where difficult child hates school and the thought of going to regular school throws her into flow blown panic attack. Because a lot of us who have difficult child's have experienced this, it makes us a bit jaded about the whole process. When you see the same things time and again, it tends to leave a bad taste in the mouth.

    Having said all that, I think the case in the second story is being blown way out of proportion. It was a joke. Everyone was laughing, including the student being taped. He wasn't left there taped to his desk. I think someone (boy's parents maybe?) needs to chill out on that.

    But, I also didn't see anyone on this thread saying this was typical for all teachers. I saw people reacting to that isolated incident that was reported in the news. Which, by the way, is why it was reported in the news. If it happened everyday and was considered the norm, we wouldn't hear of it.
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    Just let's make sure that you are clear on the fact that teachers DO NOT get paid for summers off. We get paid for the 190 days that we work and the amount is divided into 12 monthly checks.

    While you didn't say it, Wyntersgrace, I figured it would pop up sooner or later. It usually does. And let's head off the common misconception that all teachers belong to unions and get paid overtime. I live in a state where teacher unions are illegal.

    As far as the 60 hour work week, I brought that up because so many people have the misconception that we have easy jobs where we only work 7 hours a day and get paid for summers when we don't work.

    Of course, I don't look at every thread but I don't remember ever seeing a thread titled "Teacher goes above and beyond." Any praise that happens in usually thown in as "my child has had some wonderful teachers" in a same thread that is basically a teacher bashing thread.

    But obviously most people on this board are not going to see it that way and that is fine. If it makes them feel better to blame the school system or teachers as the cause of all of their problems, then so be it.

    I think it is interesting that no one has mentioned the attack on my friend. I guess stuff like that just doesn't matter.

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    I suppose if you want a board where mopre people are more defensive of teachers, you might want to be on a teachers board.

    Yes we know our lovely difficult children are difficult....and we know it to our core, becuz we ARE with them 24-7. Many parents of difficult children did not choose the illnesses their children have (um, well, I guess none of us chose) and many of us had no clue parenting could be THIS hard, and we work 24-7 - we cannot call in sick, cannot "quit" - we are often ridiculed, criticized, shunned........

    Yeah, we do know how hard our difficult children can be.

    I am a nurse, and when someone wants to post negative about nurses, I understand totally, nurseing is very hard, and there is a severe nurseing shortage and I can tell you sick people do NOT behave their best behavior. ANd nurses get caught in the middle between docs and patients........and get the flack from both. BUT I also am very well aware there ARE some really crummy nurses out there. And when it comes to especially nurses and difficult children........I am certain MANY nurses and difficult child incidents occur........I think all of us parents of difficult children understand difficult children can bring out the worst in anyone.

    People come here to this site to vent, to complain, to learn, to cry, sometimes looking for abetter way to handle the experiences they are encountering.
    If there were no problems with teachers and difficult children there would not be so many posts on this forum, or at other message boards like conduct disorders.
    SOmetimes us lay people do not always understand all the behind the scenes things.......and when we come vent, sometimes we learn maybe our teacher had her (or his) hands "tied behind his back" so to speak. We vent and we learn. Sometimes we handled something poorly, or our difficult child handled something poorly- and we come discuss it here, and we learn.
    If we do not discuss these issues, noone will know they exist sometimes.
    You cannot take care of a problem if you never speak up and acknowledge it is occuring.

    I know you have doubted many many of the things I myself have posted as my experiences over the years about things that have occured in our schools with our teachers and other school personnel.

    I can assure you, my experiences that I have posted? I have documentation.......reports, due process transcripts etc. I also have newspaper articles, I have posted in the past.......
    You are more than welcome to view them- any time. Just PM me.
    You might be an awesome teacher and you might be in an awesome district, but..........not everyone is.

    When a person does experience some awful event, if they think it has never happened to anyone else, ever, anywhere, it might make them think THEY caused it, or that it really did not happen. Then they might let it slide. People post these things so they can find better solutions to these problems.

    Are there great teachers? Absolutely. I wish I could think of one right this moment, wait, I CAN! and I am gonna name this wonderful man. Mr Masey- he is a Special Education teacher at our HS. My difficult child has not been a student of his now in like 3 years.........BUT I saw hime this week, and this man, bless his heart- he stopped, bought me a soda at the HS (I was there for easy child grad plans etc) and he asked in depth about difficult child.and he cried over her no longer being in public school, while he told me he tried so hard at our due process.......tried so hard to get another teacher to stop being heavy handed and nasty. My dtr did very well in this mans class. This man came to EVERY IEP meeting. He knew her IEP inside out. Bless him, how he found the time, I do not know..........and he advocated for difficult child endlessly, with no luck, with much difficulty from his peers. My appreciation for this man extends to understanding it must have been so hard for him to work with his peers in such a circumstance.
    And our HS dean? My difficult children dean? Actually - she QUIT after due process, and she called me to tell me it was becuz she tried but could NOT get the higher ups to back her to make the teachers follow the IEP etc.- and it bothered her SO much, she QUIT.

    For the record, I never expected the teachers to do better with my child than I did..........but I DID expect them to honor the IEP. Same as I was always expected to follow a patient treatment plan.

    Please do not take it personal when some of us come here with some complaint about something at school. Our children can be exhausting, we can be worn to a frazzle, many of us also have jobs outside our homes and some of us have psychotic children...........if we cannot come here and vent and learn, then where will we go? And if we cannot post links to scary things we see in the news......hopeing that we can help work out some kind of solution, what will become of the children, and sadly, the victims of the teachers that are not such wonderful teachers? If we cannot come here to be reassured - how will we find the courage to send our children to school?

    We come here and post about persons that go shoot kids at schools---------that is more rare than the media might have us think.but we post about it, we talk about it, we try to find some way to be able to not be afraid and some way to deal with it. Same is true of the stories of teachers who abuse -----yes, we want school to be a safe place for the students, the teachers- everyone.
    As for a teacher? They can quit. If it really gets scary where they are, they can go elsewhere to work. Our kids do not have the same options. In a public school - they go where the district says they go. They are children. And even if they are less than pleasant.....we still have to send them.
    Trust me, I did stop sending my kids...........and my kids were never once violent or aggressive. BUT once I realized the degree to which the teachers did not want my kids in their classes? I pulled mine, and homeschool them, even tho I still pay very high property taxes to pay those same teachers.
    With all my heart I do wish ALL teachers were good. I wish all nurses were good. I wish all people were good. I also wish all teachers were called to their jobs by their hearts, all nurses called to their jobs by their hearts. But it simply is not true.

    So my hat is off to the good teachers...........I appreciate what they do. Just like I appreciate my husband, my Marine, who also did what he did..........just like I appreciate LOTS of people for a job well done.
    But I do not need a message board to come ask questions or get comfort for the jobs that have been well done. Instead I do what I have always done for a job well done.write thank you notes, write letters to editor of my newspaper, leave a nice tip, buy little gifts etc.
    ALtho there is another part...........when someone is being paid to do their job, I was taught if it is me being paid to do a job, then I should do it the best I can.and if I am paying for a job, it is implied I should get the job done well. Sad that so many now do not do such a great job that when someone DOES do a good job, it is so remarkable.
    And gosh in my job, if I did not do such a great job, someone might actually literally die. :-(

    Please let us continue to post those scary incidents that scare us for our childrens well being. Our children already have enough challenges some of them just staying alive. Our children did not all ask to be difficult. ANd for many of them, given a choice, they probably would rather not be at school stressing out the teachers.