What does your diet consist of?

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    I apologize for all my posts. It is partly for myself so that I can get my mind off of my poor deat ex and the kids. If any posts are boring, I get it if you skip them lol. Thanks for allowing them.

    Several years ago I decided to eat as little meat as possible due to wanting good health and loving animals. I think about the animals I eat if I have a hamburger!! The sad eyes of a cow.

    Within the past few yearsI have mostly eaten plants and dairy. I thinking of giving up dairy (which is for baby calves) but I have done so this week and itshard mostly due to a lack of plant based milk products in our area. The yogurt I can find that is almond milk is very hogh calorie with sugar (I try to have almost no sugar unless it would insult somebody if I refuse, like when my pastry chef daugjter cooks or my youngrst daughter has cake at her wedding to be). But in general it is not a part of my diet nor is saturated fat.

    I do drink diet soda, which is a no no. I put Stevia iny coffee and use almond milk as cream.

    Whole wheat bread and whole wheat pita only. Lower fat when I can.

    No I am not skinny. My medications make that hard.

    But so far I habe been healthy, especially for my age. No pre diabetes or bad heart. I do have hereditary high cholestral and take medications. Good diet and exercise dont help hereditary high cholestral. Bit it never got THAT high and is normal on the medications.

    I walk 10,000 steps a day and ride my bike and stay on my feet.

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  2. Pink Elephant

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    Apologize for what, SOT? For keeping the forum interesting and alive? Heck, we need more members like you!

    Our diet is definitely meat and potatoes. We enjoy veggie dishes, too, but meat is definitely at the heart of our diet. We enjoy fruit, too... not as much as we'd like, because neither hubs or myself are health nuts, but we do our best to take-in a happy balance of a variety of things.

    Milk? We're regular 1% milk drinkers, and use canned milk for our coffee and tea.

    Our diet is high in tomatoes... sauces, dishes, etc. Love tomatoes.

    Yogurt? Oh, sure, we have yogurt every now and then, just not everyday.

    Also love a weekly (if we can) feed of fish, salmon being our favourite, and we tend to eat pork the most. No real reason, just that we enjoy our pork.

    Not much in the way of breakfast cereals, however, when we do, I like to buy natural grain cereals.

    Soda pop? We do drink it but conservatively. Carbonated water is what we aim for when we want a thirst quenching drink.

    If we were reliant on raising and butchering our own livestock, we'd be vegetarians. I'm disgusted at how animals are treated and raised for eating.
  3. AppleCori

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    On weekdays—
    For breakfast I generally have oatmeal. I usually put some combination of apples , dried fruit, peanut butter, nuts, sometimes Truvia for sweetener if I don’t use peanut butter.

    Occasionally peanut butter on wheat toast.

    Occasionally a boiled egg.

    Always a glass of milk or almond milk.

    Rarely cereal, though my daughter eats it often. It doesn’t keep me full long enough, though.

    Lunch is generally leftovers, soup, sandwiches, salad, yogurt with fruit, etc.

    Dinners in nice weather are generally grilled meat (hubby loves to grill) and salads, fruit, other veggies. We eat a variety of meats, fish, poultry and a variety of veggies and fruits.

    In winter or rainy/busy days I will make something in the crock pot, casseroles, or whatever, usually meat and veggies. Some pasta or rice. Rarely potatoes.

    On weekends we usually have at least one big breakfast. Hubby likes eggs and bacon, daughter likes pancakes.

    Of course, you would post this question on a day when my daughter and I went through the Taco Bell Drive thu for lunch on the way home today!
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  4. Nomad

    Nomad Well-Known Member

    Oddly, if I eat very little meat, I gain weight. Even if I eat in a healthy manner. I suspect I need a high-ish amount of protein intake.

    Right now, I’m actually trying to formulate “rules” for myself.Personalized. I go to WW too.
    I need to lose weight that I gained largely from prednisone. So, there is some calorie restriction. I’ve lost ten pounds.

    I only eat sugar as in dessert three times a year: my birthday, Christmas and our anniversary. One portion. It is working out well because I don’t crave it in between. If it’s not one of those days, I simply don’t eat it. The downside is that for several days after one of those days, the cravings are back. I hate that. I look forward to when they leave because it’s freeing. I also am avoiding things with sugar in the first few ingredients.

    I need to create a strict rule re flour. Working on that. But, I can tell you it is rare for me to have flour now.

    I also just had to set up a rule of only one fruit a day because I was binging a little on fruit.

    I eat a moderate amount of meat and a lot of vegetables. Raw and cooked vegetables. My salads are very large.

    I think rice puts weight on me, so I avoid it. But, I will eat a half of a baked potato now and then. I have greatly reduced dairy. The only thing I eat (dairy) for the most part is feta cheese.

    I do eat small portions of meat/fish/chicken almost daily.

    My biggest restrictions right now are sugar and flour.

    I’m consider limiting my Truvia to one packet a day. Already have cut back. No sugar (of course) I might have a small diet soda at most once a month. I tend to drink water or coffee.

    And my biggest increase is vegetables , of which I eat many: cooked, raw and sometimes juiced.
  5. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Hubby insists on meat at every meal, and dinner is usually chicken or hamburger something. I don't like to cook, and it's super hot here in the summer, and I don't have central a/c, so summertime meals are fast things I can throw together and get OUT of the hot kitchen. I cook extra at dinner for Hubby to take for lunch the next day.

    I'm working on increasing our veggie and fruit intake, kind of ashamed to admit that because we're lucky enough to live where almost everything is grown and we can get to the farmer's markets year round.

    No coffee, I drink iced tea, and I'm trying to get Hubby off those horrible Monster drinks. No fake sugars or Stevia; I don't like them and they upset my stomach. With the current heat wave, I've gone a little crazy for those Outshine bars; all that delicious cold fruity flavors taste so good when it's so hot.