1. Fao

    New Member, New Parent

    My name is Fao, I am bi-gendered, married for just over 2 years, 23, and have a 15 month old son (first child, most likely only child). I really need some advice. I will share my story, to give people some background about my situation. I probably sound whiny, but please understand I have never...
  2. Tesssss

    Narcassistic adult son

    Hi, I have been struggling with my estranged son for years. He has all the characteristics of a true narcassist. About 10 years ago, I gave him a short term loan to start up a business. The business didn't go well, and during the three years he struggled with this, he divorced, gave up parental...
  3. MommaMella

    terrified of the battle in her mind

    Im at my wits end... just don't know what to do with this kid :-( we had a semi-decent day Sunday some light arguing from her but settled into the evening...and we were all watching tv and kids playing video games. daughter had the wii gamepad and you can get to Internet from that. I saw her typing a...
  4. J

    At a loss

    My 13 y/o daughter made a suicide attempt by hanging herself in our backyard this weekend. The genesis of the suicide attempt was that she had gotten into trouble for seeing her 13y/o boyfriend she had been banned from visiting while she was at a friend's house. She also lied to the friend's...
  5. Tylersmom1979

    Help for me on what to do with 14 year old

    I have a 14 year old boy. He has had issues since kindergarten and it has gotten progressively worse. Hes on vyvanse, Depakote, risperidol, adderall in the afternoon, Zoloft, and clonidine to help him sleep. He has been in and out of hospitals since last year for trying to harm himself...