Concerned about 5 year old


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Hi Heather

How do you feel about the results of the evaluation? I'm glad he had a great month. That
s great. If he can do it for a month, he can do it more.

Thank you. I agree it's very encouraging that he could do well for a month.

The results of the evaluation didn't surprise me, it all makes sense with what I've observed. We are going to try medication for the ADHD and see if that helps him at all.

I'm also reading Ross Greene again and trying to reframe my thinking.


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Hi Heather.
I just wanted to say that I think as his mom, you should trust your gut. We are a functional, loving family - two parents, three kids (two of whom are high achieving). I have an almost 25 year old with numerous mental health disorders. I have been worried since he was a toddler but was brushed off by teachers (of which I am one!) and medical
professionals. No one (except my husband) could see what I saw. Everyone thought we were overreacting because he was our first child. I tried my hardest to get him help but now I wish I’d pushed even harder. Now he’s an adult and I can’t force him to get medical attention. Sometimes he seeks help and takes medication and other times he doesn’t. And now there’s nothing I can do. Keep seeking answers while your child is still small. Sending you hugs.
Edited to add: Sorry, I just realised this is an old post, so probably redundant advice! I’ll leave the comment in case it’s helpful to someone else!

I'm still here and I appreciate your comment!


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Dear Heather

You might want to read about neurofeedback and it's use with children who are diagnosed with ADHD and ADD. It can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to medication.