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    I am excited to be getting one of the better rated tests soon. I was really not told much about my DNA, including DNA illnesses that run in our genetics, detailed nationalities and I dont know if anyone of my DNA who may be nice is still around. So now I will know for sure. The two first issues are the ones I am most interested in. Not at all sure I want to meet anyone else from my DNA collection. I think its important for me to know what medical issues run in the family (this was kept from me for whatever reasons) and also hoping to find out I have some exotic DNA, not just Russian and German. Snooze. Although only a teeny remote possibility I would love to find out I am part Native American!! So test is mailed and soon I will know.

    Results will be kept private. But will respond as to whether it had really relevant info :) and if I recommend getting one.
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    What company did you use? You can send me info privately if you wish.

    I have done the ancestry DNA test...but it didn't include any medical info.