Dog issue for others with more than one dog??

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  1. ForeverSpring

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    We brought Jackson home Wednesday night and all seemed to go well. The past two days we notuced our spunky little terrior is not herself. She is a daddys girl and we decided he would continue showering her with attention but ahe is acting quiet, wont play with her beloved toys and seems almost timid. Its so sad and and I am not sure what to do.

    Jackson is a little dog with some mobility problems. We took him to the vet yesterday and he will be having x rays and matbe even a cat scan. He may have suffered trauma on the streets. He is not scary or forward and was in a rescue and knows how to interact well with dogs and cats.

    Another change is we just moved into a new house last week. Chloe is adjusting ti rhat too.

    Any ideas, suggestions? We are borh not sure what to do. Jackson cant go back. We love him amd he needs us. But we dont want Chloe to not be herself.

    I do know its just a few days. Damian, our third dog, is acting normal.

    Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? My hubby just took Chloe out in.the back yard alone. I am going to walk her alone later. What else can we do??
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    Rescue dogs can take more time than others to adjust to new surroundings. I would say just be patient. It could also be pain since you said there are mobility issues. I know when my knees get to aching I can be cranky and standoffish.
  3. ForeverSpring

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    Thanks. Things are much better already. Appreciate you reaching out.
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    My dog was (and still is) always like that when I fostered other dogs. It took her a few weeks to start being herself again and it was like night and day when she finally accepted the foster. I know she misses all of them. I'm sure your dog will be herself again. Just keep talking to her and explain who the new dog is. That is what I do with my dog. Everyday, and multiple times a day I will say "Maci, that's our new foster dog Mia. She comes from a sad place. We need to take care of her and get her ready for her new forever family. We have to make her a happy girl. Will you help me take care of Mia? I sit on the floor with them and I pet my foster "we have to take care of hers". My dog finds a lot of comfort when I talk to her and I'm telling you, she really understands. She then becomes like a mother to my fosters. I know you fully adopted your new dog, you can just replace the words to adjust to your situation. I know, sounds coo coo ca chu right? It's the best advice I got lol.