Explanation of brain in antisocial personality disorder

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    For this interested in antisocial personality a VERY indepth video including a psychopath who learned what to say to impress people. Its Its pretty long but worth it if you wonder about this because of anyone you may know who you feel may have no empathy. It is not a video in attack mode and parents arent blamed.

    The Dangerous Few (Psychology Documentary) Real Stories - Bing video
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    My daughter has no empathy. She can put on a sweet act then stab you in the neck. ASPD for sure.
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    Its scary.

    Your daughter is not the only one and it is not your fault. There is a brain study going on I think in Austrailia (the YouTube video about it was in Austrailia,) and they are starting to find it is about a deficit in the brain...the part that is empathic. Even little kids who have no empathy, hurt others on purpose and dont respond to discipline are being studied with the same results. Its very interesting....but scary if you have to deal with it!

    I just noticed there is no link. Sorry. I will try again later.
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    Thanks. I just don’t understand why she hurts me in so many way intentionally and just keeps doing it. Abandoned her 5 year old son from a second baby daddy and now is pregnant from a third guy. The things she has done to me over the years and literally criminal. Stealing thousands over the last 15 years. Now this , keeping my granddaughter from me for six months now. I had to stop enabling her and rewarding her bad behavior. This is my punishment. It’s sad to think my own child could be this way. A con artist
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    It can be physiological. This is a good video.

    If she has been mean since before drug use it is not just the drugs. She may lack empathy. That is how they do it. They dont feel how we feel. They can be dangerous to anyone who crosses them. In their minds that is.

    You cant understand her because you are kind and could never do this.

    Love and light!
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    You are right. I can’t understand this stuff. To want to lie and steal and physically abuse and keep my granddaughter from me. She stole from others in the family but me mostly. I couldn’t imagine ever doing that to my mom