"He STOLE my table!!!"


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Yesterday, Hubby and I bought a loveseat to replace our broken recliners. We've been trying out various side tables we already have, seeing what fits, what will work, and what won't. During the discussion this evening, Hubby said he wanted to try a table that's been in Miss KT's room. She didn't say anything, so he went and got the table. Immediate hysteria. "He STOLE my table!! I want my table back!! It doesn't fit there. I want my table!!" I started laughing...I just could not believe she was serious. She was. So much for those adult-type conversation skills...she was throwing a full blown tantrum.

I tried telling her we just wanted to see if that size table would work there...nope. It won't. Table was stolen. End of story. Nobody asked. Granted, Hubby didn't ask her specifically, but she was part of the discussion, and I figured if there was any objection, it would have been voiced at that time. We put another table in her room temporarily...nope. Hate it. Hubby moved table #2 and put something else in...nope. Table was stolen. She called my mother...back to the same old, same old, save me, save me, they're both so mean to me. Stomped back in, yelled and cried some more about her table. I tried talking to her again...nope. Nana's going to buy me a new table tomorrow.

I'm a bit shell-shocked...this is the first major screaming fit since she's been back. And over a table.


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I think March Madness has hit hard! Amazing what our kids can be mad about.

We are brewing in our home. difficult child is angry over his bowling scores tonight. They were well above his average so he should be happy that he continues to improve. It is also unlike him to be so angry. He is usually depressed and full of self pity but not angry over a disappointing bowl.

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Now, I could see Nichole do something like that. But then again, she'd shut up as soon as I pointed out I'd bought the table, therefore it's mine to do with as I please. lol Sometimes they need to be reminded of that.

She's doing better though, but I imagine she'll take a few backward steps every now and again.



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Possession is 9/10ths of the law - but with a difficult child its'110% mine even if it's yours, until I don't want it and then.....it's yours....now get it out of MY room.


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I'm sorry you had to endure the first main screaming fight. Yuck! Hugs to you.


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Fast forward to this evening...my mother bought Miss KT a nightstand in a box, meaning Miss KT had to put it together. I come home from school to see nightstand pieces all over the living room floor, and Miss KT practically in tears. She decides to put it all in her room till later. Hubby comes home, we all go to the gym, have dinner, and THEN...the most amazing thing...Miss KT asks Hubby, in a most polite way, if he will help her with the nightstand!!!! And, in a most polite way...he does! And...she thanks him several times!!!