"I know. I just thought I would try saying it again."

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    During Parent Teacher conferences, difficult child's teacher asked me how difficult child was getting along with the other kids in the class. He only talks about the other two boys in his grade. Hardly ever mentions the girl in his grade who he had a huge crush on last year or the kids in the other grades. The teacher overheard the girl in his grade tell difficult child that she did not like what he said and that she had told him last year not to say that. Teacher said it was nothing inappropriate, just something that annoyed this girl. difficult child replied, "I know, I just thought I would try saying it again." I think the crush may still be there. I need to figure out how to find out, how do I ask? hmmmmm

    Anyway, although difficult child is angry with his not so perfect grades, his teacher and I are happy with them.

    I wanted to see last year's teacher to tease her about how much easier difficult child's conferences are this year. She was such an awesome support for me last year. She always held out hope that difficult child would be able to work things out. She had the difficult job of recording the report card. She was non-judgemental and fair about addressing issues. When other parents were concerned about difficult child on class trips, she was not. She saw the good in him and his ability to heal. I feel that it was difficult for her to see us go through this. It is time for me to properly thank her for her support. I had hoped that she could have been the one to do this first report. She gets partial credit for this unbelievable change in such a short time. She created a safe environment for difficult child and had faith that he would heal. All the behavioral issues of last year are 100% gone!!!! :)

    I saw his other teacher who stated his recovery has been remarkable. Today she had him give a spelling test to the 5th grader. They were within her supervision so she was able to observe what a great teacher difficult child is. She giggled as she explained that he would say the word pronouncing it as clearly as he could and then while saying the sentence it is in pause at the word and again say is as clearly as he could before finishing the sentence. He went throught the entire list of 20 words. She was giggling because it was fun watching him be so professional. I giggled back as I said, "Sounds like me! I do that when reviewing words with him." She was so appreciative that difficult child would help with this, she had already asked the other two boys who both refused. She was also impressed in how well he did. I told her he likes to help, especially with the younger kids. It was fun watching him last week bringing in the flags. They have one 6th grader who learned from last year team up with a 5th or 4th grader with the goal of the 6th grader teaching the younger student. He did such a great job talking the 4th grade girl through taking the flag off the pole and how to fold it.

    He is simply AMAZING! Just WOW! (in my humble opinion - I might be a little bit prejudice)
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    Great to hear about positive progress and do seek out the teacher who helped. They need positive encouragement too!
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    Ask difficult child's current teacher if there is a way you can send this other teacher a lovely thank you card. I used to go out of my way to thank teachers who took the time and effort with my difficult children. I don't think those teachers get thanked enough.

    So wonderful that difficult child has come so far. :D :D You have good reason to be so proud.