NC: What ARE my options??


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NC is truly a joke. My daughter got CPS involved. I'm being investigated and am fully cooperating as I've done nothing wrong but my child lied to them as she wants to live with her father, my ex. It was a way for her to "punish" me for insisting she go to school. I've had the police remove her for harassing me as well. Police agreed with me but then told me I could be evicted from my apartment for calling on them more than once or twice.
Sorry but Cary and Morrisville NC police are also no help. Now I'm hesitant to call them because I can't risk being evicted.
Thanks NC! All entitled out of control teens who accept no responsibility for their actions should move here! You have given them all the rights and outs to do whatever they want and be coddled by the state. Classic.
For a year we have been dealing with difficult son. Cary Police have been great until the last time we called. The young man told me that I needed to listen my child more. There was glass all over downstairs because son was throwing stuff. I was furious and had to leave the house. My younger daughter has severe PTSD because about a year ago my son tried to kill us.

We thought my son was doing better but today/tonight he is out of control. I was trying to see if NC has PINS or CHINS but can't figure it out. I want to take my son to court and get supervision for him - won't listen or do anything we say. Today all the violence is coming back and just can't take another year of him harming us and our other kids emotionally.


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Hi and I am so sorry.

How old is he? Are drugs involved? Is Son adopted? Did you call CPS for help?

He may need to live outside the home...residential treatment is both mental health and care . My daughter was violent and at 18 we bought her a house just to get her out. That was a terrible idea and didn't work but it tells you how desperate we were.

I think CPS has more services than the police. If son tried to kill you he does not belong in a family setting. The rest of you need protection. And he needs 24/7 treatment. You are not a psychiatrist. This is not your fault but you can't fix him.

Hugs and prayers
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