The US Marshalls At My Door


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SOmething maybe kind of sort of similar...
some kid my oldest went to preschool-HS with- another difficult child to the extreme.....wound up going to a doctor for ? something? and she gave for her address OUR address. her doctor and hospital bills were coming to our house. I used the return address on the envelope to look up phone number of facility and called and said that person had NEVER lived at MY address...and I have lived her 18 years. that person had never even slept overnite here. The facility got mad at me and said if I opened the mail- they would prosecute me for violation of HIPPAA. I said no, I did not open it, I used the return address on envelope to call you and I used the name on the addressed part ----but this is MY house and THAT person has not lived here in at least the last 18 years.
I continued to get the bills. I continued to mark them return to sender. After several months I went to post office. I was nervous by then. I know you can file for an address change for your drivers license etc and use mail that has been sent to an address as "proof" of you living at THAT aaddress and I worried the kid might one day be hanging around when our mail came, and yank the envelope with the bill from our mailbox and use it to have her addresss changed to ours. I also knew she had outstanding warants for court becuz MY dtr is a witness in her trial and she has blown off court.
Post office said I could NOT file a "change of address" on her to get her bills to stop coming to my address becuz SHE has to sign a change of address.
BUT they wrote on the envelope return to sender, not at this address.
Alas, the bills continued to come to my house. and I continued to fear that she might swipe the delivered mail out of my box and that one day the police might show up at my door with a warant or something and come in here looking for her. GRRR. SO I finallly took the bills that kept on coming to the police dept. The police dept told me there was nothing they could do.

It is a horrible feeling to have someone especially someone I KNOW is engaged in criminal activity is useing MY address at least for doctor and hospital bills and I cannot get the post office police dept or the docs offfice to do a thing about it.

MAANY MANY years ago I was being stalked (I mean over 25 years ago) I had the person arrested for ???I do not remember what- back then there were not anti stalking laws. He was actually convicted of whatever it was and put in prison for a couple years. I moved. did not even have a phone....was in a different town different county. ne day I came home from work to find him inside my home. I went to police dept and said get that man out of my house. Police ran a check and said we can't----his parole lists THIS address as HIS.

I hope you can get this untangled and that it is not going to be something that disrupts things for you further.


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If it was Federal Marshalls looking for this guy, it probably would not be on a city or county website. Federal Marshalls don't get involved unless the person is wanted on federal charges.

Steph, is your mail delivered to an outside mailbox that someone else could get in to before you get home from work? That's a thought too. Someone getting into your mail could get bank info, credit card numbers, all kinds of stuff. Maybe you could get a mailbox that locks, or rent a post office box to get your mail delivered to for a while. It would be a lot of trouble to go to, but not as much as possibly dealing with "Damon" sometime in the future!

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I wish my neighborhood was that much fun. My ex boyfriend's neighborhood was like that. Witness protections could be cool.

They wouldn't tell me anything. I have no clue. I did a background check on the guy and didn't find much more than traffic tickets. Last i checked federal agents didn't do pick ups on traffic tickets.
Sorry to hear about her SS# problems. I've heard of those geniuses doing that alot.

You are hilarious

I might have to do that. Would be nice for someone to pay me experience it instead of me paying for all this stupidity.

I'm beginning to think I was Damien in a past life to attract so much bad karma.

I did the same thing one day when the police were doing an assembly.

That's why I am happily divorced.

I am very curious too.

I miss prank calls. They were so much fun.

Maybe I have been hit in the head too many times.

It could be something like that. I have no clue anymore.

No, ours are a little box with locked doors on them.Like apartment mailboxes

You are a nut.

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difficult child was watching me type this and is begging me to put the cupid on here... so here it is. Just for difficult child.


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Well I just had a thought as I was watching my local news about our elusive damien. There is a new adam walsh law out about sexual predators and it has something to do with them having to sign in every so often or when they move. What made me sit up and take notice is that FEDERAL MARSHALS arrested some man for failure to comply in a town close to me.