Amy and COVID


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We know of a group of several least three smallish families all part of a larger extended family meeting for a holiday this summer in Georgia, but staying in three different homes. Most got the virus. The young healthy ones did fine. It was like a cold for them. The others (older, sicker) had many more issues. It was a weird, mixed mess with some wearing masks and some not. The masks helped. The age and health status of family members
was a huge factor in who did well and who didn’t. I would say that it all showed up in this odd sample:
1. Large indoor gatherings...bad idea
2. Wearing the mask consistently helps
3. Youth helps
4. Preexisting conditions can very well be a problem

Right before this summer incident, I had only heard of one case of my friend’s son who works in a hospital and his case was very mild.

This family incident shocked me badly, as I know most of those people. They are from where I use to live three years ago.
I think they broke the top rules...gathering incident in a large group (I think they periodically all met in one home) and overall were inconsistent in following safety precautions as well.

Mind boggling.

We can get infected at any point. A total accident. And very sad.

But, this gathering I described was very
upsetting to know it was tempting fate.