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Marcie Mac

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Thank you all so much for the good thoughts. Poor Sydney had developed a funny heart beat - going for no reason from 70 to 200 and then back down again. Its not an irrigular rythem, just happens a few times a day and night.

After his stress test, doctor was sufficiently concerned that he ordered him into the hospital yesterday as test shown a severe abnormal beat. They went into his groin, thinking they were going to try and zap his heart, do an angeoplasy or worse case, open heart. Well, they did nothing, as he didn't have a blockage and would probably not survive open heart anyway, but they did note he has a very enlarged heart.

We are now waiting for a specialist from UCLA to see him as the doctor really doesn't know what is causing the heart beat - his concern is it one time won't pop back down to 70, and get stuck at 200, which means a bad stroke or death. So right now he is a ticking time bomb and I am not handling the stress of this very well.

I mean to answer yesterday, but when I picked him up from the hospital, he was exausted, and so was I from no sleep in two days.

Thanks and hugs to you all



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Marcie, I know that with Syd's increasingly worse physical condition that this is not good news. I'm glad he is willing to pursue additional medical assistance. I also know what a terrible toll this is taking on you.

Please remember that you need to make yourself your first priority or you won't be any good to anyone. Please take care and give Syd a gentle hug from me- you get the big bear hug.



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Marcie, sending good thoughts out to you and Syd. Hope things improve quickly so you can all rest a bit.