*****Good Morning Sunday*****


:DGood Morning Sunday:D
Hope everyone has a calm Happy day!
I am debating going on a diet tomorrow.
It would be good for me and the kids to eat healthier and lose weight. The day hold a visit to the duck pond and a trip to the food store. I hope it also holds some lifetime TV. Lol Sending Hugs Rabbit


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Good morning Rabbit. Eating healthier is always good.

Today is a pretty easy day; church, Piglet has practice and Eeyore is going golfing. And, it is Sunday, so there will be lifetime tv: Drop Dead Diva!!!! I love that show.


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G'day, people.

Rabbit, summer is the best time to try to eat healthy - the warmer weather makes eating salads a lot more fun. It's easier to feel virtuous in the sunshine. Cold weather brings on a craving for comfort food.

JJJ, enjoy your Sunday. It sounds like it will be both full and relaxing.

We went to church this morning. Fewer numbers (a few families travelling). Some sad news (depending on your point of view) - a boy who had been born into our church family, but profoundly handicapped and not expected to survive - finally died, it was announced today. He had lived many years longer than expected. Despite his extreme handicap he was much-loved. I hope he knew it.
We stayed for lunch after church, talked to people - it was lovely in the sun and the sea was looking beautiful. It's cold indoors (even in the church, where the fire was roaring in the fireplace, it was cold) but outside in the sun it was pleasant. There were people walking and playing on the beach. Me - I couldn't get warm today, my hands have been aching, fingertips really hurting from the cold even when I pulled on some gloves. I'm sitting here at the computer wearing my uggs and my parka. In NZ it was much colder than this (according to the thermometer) but it sure didn't feel it (except for one motel we went to in Christchurch, we use it as our measure of unpleasant cold). It's been feeling today like that motel, even though it's 15 degrees C warmer. I run the tap and have to warm the water in the microwave before I can drink it, or it starts me coughing again (I still have the last relcis of whooping cough, it's a blasted nuisance). I've gone back to wearing my tight denim vest during the day every day to protect my healing ribs when I cough or try to do yardwork.

difficult child 3 has a Maths exam in the morning (I have to give it to him) plus I'm working on the wedding invitations and guest list for easy child 2/difficult child 2's wedding. She's coming over on Tuesday to help me with the printing. We have to get them to easy child as soon as possible so she can make the invitations and send them out. I'll have to remember to post her some stamps as well. easy child 2/difficult child 2 can help me choose some books of stamps that will suit the wedding invitations.

mother in law is back home tomorrow after visiting sis-in-law in Perth. husband is collecting her form the airport tomorrow afternoon, I've promised to cook something nice for dinner for us all. mother in law will be too tired to cook, she wouldn't eat properly on her first night back plus she will be finding her house horribly empty after spending the last two weeks with her daughter and family.

As usual - it's going to be busy in the Marg manor!

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.



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:jumping: Good Sunday Morning Friends!

Many of you must be relaxing or sleeping in....

Rabbit - enjoy your day - hope the decision-making about the lifestyle change is positive - come over and check us out on the Healthful Living forum!

JJJ - sounds like a relaxing day for you and yours - enjoy your tv tonight - if it's Sunday, it's True Blood on HBO for me!

Marg - sounds like a nice day - cool weather is a dream around here now. We are in our first heat wave of the summer (unusual that it is so late). Heat index of 104 today and 107 tomorrow (and tomorrow is easy child's moving day). Speaking of wedding invitation stamps - check online for this new thing I've seen a few times lately - the engaged couple sends their engagement photo, or a picture of themselves, electronically to a company online that actually prints postage stamps with their photo on it! I've gotten a couple invitations like this the last year or so.

They finally turned the water back on at easy child's new apartment! She's not officially moving out until tomorrow but, since her bed was already there, she and her roomate spent their first night last night! Today is all about tying up the loose ends before the moving guys get here tomorrow at 7:30.

We made it early because tomorrow is the hottest day of the summer so far.....

She and I will spend about three hours today and we'll be done. I made it clear that moving out doesn't mean leaving all your junk behind in a jumble! Things have to be clean and put away.... She is teaching this afternoon and I'll go to her class and difficult child is meeting one of his pool buddies there. We are coming home and having a bbq dinner on the patio, just the three of us, to celebrate and mark easy child's moving tomorrow. She is spending the night here tonight, the last one. What a bittersweet day it is today. I'm so proud and excited for her, but will miss that sweet girl like crazy!

Take care all!



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Sharon/LDM, thanks for the tip about postage stamps. It wouldhve to be available in Australia indepndently. I think it is, but the lead time is tyoo great, these invitations not only still have to be printed and then made up and put together, but they have to be in the post in less than a week. We need to get the stamps on Tuesday, have the printing completed in full on Tuesday and then post the package off to easy child. If we can post it before 3 pm on Tuesday we get an extra day.

I'm glad your easy child has the water on in her new apartment. They will need it to move in to, especially with a heatwave. The first thing to do is to put bottles of water in the fridge to chill.

A suggestion - fill water bottles tonight and put them in the freezer. Then you can use them to chill off any perishables/foods etc she's moving. As the water thaws it can be used to cool down the moving people.

It's a good idea to book the removalists for early. Those temperatures are nnot good to be shifting heavy stuff in! I hope it all goes quicklyand smoothly.


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Good Morning,

Rabbit-Enjoy the duck pond and hopefully the Lifetime t.v.! Eating healthier is always a good idea.

JJJ-Enjoy your day:)

Marg-I hate when I can't get warm. That happens to me all winter long and sometimes even on cool rainy summer days. Yesterday started off cool, I took a nap under my covers and an extra down blanket. Then the heat came on and it was in the high 80s! I'm glad you are wearing the vest to help with your ribs. I'm sorry to hear about the boy at your church.

Sharon-It certainly is a bittersweet day. How far away is her apartment? I like your plans of the bbq to celebrate.

Looks like we are in for a heatwave this week. Temps are predicted to be in the high 80s low 90s and humid:hot: I think difficult child and I will need to spend some time at the pool.:swimming:
Later this morning husband and I will go to the club and I also have to do some meal planning and grocery shopping. We pick up difficult child from respite at 4:00.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: