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    I have a close relative that was a professor at a state university. Children did not get benefits. The spouse got limited benefits. The professor himself got limited benefits in terms of classes.

    Pay raises were small.

    Consulting can be good, depending on a variety of factors.

    Agree...administration was more apt to get the big bucks.

    Interestingly, the private university in the same town was MUCH more expensive; spouses and children got discounts. They were significantly more expensive though. An extremely high percentage of students there were on financial aid/ loans etc. I would say 95% or more.

    Generally speaking, I think the state university was a better deal. Better to work part time, pay less tuition, take a little longer to graduate and limit loans as much as possible (I think).

    I’m not a super big believer in free tuition. I might be more open to it for a two year degree only. A person could continue or chose not to. I guess I’m in the unusual middle of the road mindset. I also think there should be true low interest loans available. The burden needs to be reduced. Probably too complicated and certainly too controversial to go into.

    As a side note: we have two grand children. Our state has a pre paid college tuition program. Just today I finished paying for one year for each grandchild. One year of pre paid college credit each. (Two years of college tuition in total). It’s a unique gift...clearly a gift for my grand kids, but also one for the parents who typically end up paying tuition. This reduces their “burden,” for lack of a better word.
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