I finally dropped my therapist

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    So I had been seeing my therapist for several months now and he really wasn't helping much. The first few meetings were more of a "get to know you" type meetings before we started talking about my real issues and why I needed help. I told him my biggest issue right now are these bad panic attacks I have been having during the day that have been getting inexplicably worse. My bipolar is pretty stable. I have not been depressed in months and I haven't been manic in four years. He told me he is not a cognitive behavior therapist and he cannot help me with the anxiety. He said he can help me with every day stress but not the panic attacks. Basically he was somebody I could vent to and that's not something I need. I have close friends, family, and my support groups to vent away with as much as I need to. I don't need to pay somebody to b**ch about my problems to. He told me if I need help finding techniques to help with my panic attacks then I should buy a book or read up about it online. He couldn't even offer me any recommendations on books or websites to go to. His magic cure for getting through my anxiety attacks is to listen to classical music. I wish that's all it took! I have tried deep breathing, music, and drinking tea. I have yet to find anything to help me. That's what I was hoping he would be there for.

    So last week I had an appointment scheduled with him but I was having a huge panic attack. My heart was racing and I was having chest pains. I didn't feel safe enough to drive. I called him and left him a voicemail cancelling my appointment, telling him I was having anxiety and I couldn't safely get there. A couple of hours later he called and left me a voicemail. He told me that if I keep cancelling my appointments then there's no way he could possibly begin to help me with my anxiety. He's the one who told me he couldn't do anything for me! As a matter of fact, every time I would bring up my anxiety during a meeting he would change the subject. He also said he was going to charge me for a missed appointment. Then he asked me to call him back to reschedule another appointment. I finally decided to drop him. I was wasting my money anyway so why would I continue to see him when he has admitted to me he is not the type of therapist I need. So I called him back and left him a voicemail telling him I would no longer be seeing him. I also asked him to please not charge me for a missed appointment that was not my fault. I haven't gotten a bill yet but we shall see.

    So my mom went online and searched for a cognitive behavior therapist that accepts my insurance plan. She found somebody local and she called him up. He says he specializes in anxiety disorder and he does cognitive behavior therapy plus hypnotherapy. I have an appointment with him this Tuesday. He is my last hope. My psychiatrist says he is out of options for me medication wise. The only thing we have found to be helpful in treating my panic attacks is Xanax, but I can't drive safely and take it. So I've been having these huge panic attacks at work and suffering through them. My attacks are getting much worse and they are lasting several hours long. It's been crazy trying to work through them. I had to leave work an hour and a half early about a week ago because the panic attack got so severe that I couldn't breathe. I had to go home and take a Xanax ASAP. I can't let that happen again. Now that I will be on summer vacation it will be a little bit easier but I can't exactly have panic attacks all day around my kids either. I am hoping and praying this new guy is the answer. I need to learn how do cope with these attacks on my own. Wish me luck with him. I am feeling optimistic that he can help me and I hope I'm right!
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    I hope it will be a success.

    It is really good thing, that you will be at the vacation and have time to work with this and try to get control over it without having to fear it would affect your work.

    Remember that there are no quick cure and you will likely have to try several things before you find the things that work for you. And they may not be perfect solutions, but sometimes even some help is better than no help. Be patient and open to new therapist's ideas.

    My difficult child has been working both with CBT exposure therapist for his PTSD and with sport psychiatric with anxiety, relaxation techniques, sleep, managing his emotional state and bunch of other issues. And it is hard work and lots of exercising. When he tries some new technique, it usually takes lots of training (and weeks of time with daily exercise) to even know, if it will be useful. First try doesan't help and often he first needs to train new technique weeks or a month in relaxed situations and when feeling well before he can use them to situations he needs them. It really is hard and dedicated work, not a wonder pill.
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    I am willing to work hard for it because I am getting desperate! So I will do whatever is asked of me. I pray this is my answer. I belong to a couple of online anxiety support groups and a lot of them are on disability because their anxiety is crippling. I refuse to let that happen to me. I am too much of a fighter!
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    Good luck with the new therapist! He sounds like he might be able to help you and the fact that you are willing to work hard is a huge plus. Maybe starting to see him over the summer is a benefit because then you have two months ahead of you to start doing the hard work, and hopefully, getting the panic attacks under control before school starts again in September.

    You can do this!
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    Best of luck! It certainly sounds like it was not working out. Let us know. Fingers crossed. I'm sending strength.