I hope I won't jinx it...

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    But Ache is actually doing really great.

    I haven't written in some time and things have changed with both my sons. Ache decided to call his sport career quits, or is officially having a gap year to get an insurance company to deem his retirement medical. But he has moved on and has started his first year in medical school and seems to be thriving. Academics have always come easy to him and still do, but he is actually doing great also socially. I hadn't really appreciated how far he has come and how much his work with his sport psychologist actually ended up helping him, but he actually has better than average social skills nowadays instead of being always an odd one out like before. He also loves it all.

    He has been stable quite some time already. He did change medications last spring and his new medication Trintellix seems to actually be a really good fit. He also got through his intensive trauma therapy and is currently seeing a counsellor once month. And he really is stable and seems mostly be in good shape mentally. Content, dare I say.

    He broke up with his girlfriend last winter and it has been more or less on/off thing since. But he has taken it surprisingly well. And currently it seems more like an on thing again, but who knows. He is going to school in nearby city, but moved to a condo I own in the city. Still stops by and eats our fridge clean couple times a week though he should be doing fine with his insurance payouts, but apparently he likes to save those for travel and other reasons... Well, whatever.

    Joy decided to postpone his studies a year or two for giving a pro sports a try. To be honest I doubt he makes it, but he would regret not giving it a try. He is living few hundred miles away from us and is paid a bit for playing, but wouldn't really make the ends meet if we wouldn't help some. We told him that we are ready to give him certain amount of money for two years to give it a try, but after that he has to make it on his own or go to Uni for us to pay his way. He is happy with the deal and I guess we are too. Trying to pursue your dreams has to be worth something.

    Me and hubby are busy and don't have as much time together as we would hope but all in all, things are going really great around here.
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  2. SuZir

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    Unfortunately we had to put our older dog to sleep this summer. He was old and became too sick to have a good enough quality of life anymore. Our young one is doing great and has finally overgrown her teens and is a stable, well-behaved doggie one can trust. It feels a bit have her as an only dog so we are considering having another, but we are not sure. We are quite busy as it is and to be honest I would not like to have two dogs with such a small age difference. While our two previous dogs had quite a few years age difference they ended up living about as long as one would expect from those breeds and because older one was a breed that tend to have longer life expectancy, we ended up having two old dogs at the same time and losing both of them in rather short time. Didn't like that. So having two dogs quite close in age doesn't sound such a good idea. But we will see.
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    I'm happy to hear medical school is going well, and that your other son is serious about his goals, too. Sorry about your dog. We had a geriatric kitty that had to be put to sleep last year. I cried my eyes out. But, now we have two little black kittens. They don't always fill the void, but we love them and are very glad we got them. Cats live much longer than dogs. Have you thought about getting a kitten rather than a dog? They're much easier and less expensive to take care of, too.
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    So happy to see your update. I always wonder about people when they drop off the board for extended periods. It should like your boys are both doing well. Im so happy to hear it! Sorry about your dog. We're losing one of ours soon. It's such a sad thing.