It’s been awhile but I’m back


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Maybe take him to talk to a normal pastor in a normal church. I am sure that he is not hearing anything good when he visits those people. He may be more positive if he is told about God's goodness and not focusing on badness. I don't know what part I feel drugs may have to do with all of this, but I would encourage him to see a psychiatrist (the one with the MD) if this were my kid and if he were willing to seek help.

I am wondering how much going off of drugs abruptly may be causing instability. I really don't know.

I feel so badly for your son and you. Your son is trying! Good for him! Praying for both of you.

Meanwhile, please, for your sake, try not to live with him in your head. Move on and do things for yourself. There is one person we can control....just ourselves.

Hugs and lots of love.


Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
Just catching up. I do so hope he finds some structure and discipline in the Cost Guard. That’s such a great turn of events. Here is to brighter days ahead.