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    It's been a while since I have had time to write. I had dental surgery, it went fine but almost ended up in the hospital over strong antibiotics that have ruined my gut.
    We have come to a compromise with my daughter living in her home. We have decided to pay for 1/2 of the rent until Oct. We talked about it in detail and my husband and I think that this is what he and I can live with the best, we do not want her knocking on our door wanting to live with us. This agreement is something that felt right to him and me for the time being, we both see that our daughter was trying her hardest to make things right so we are giving her a hand up, not hand out. We understand that she can turn ugly any moment but I think she is even keeping her personality in check knowing we can kick her out anytime. What it truly boils down to is what we can sleep with at night and paying for 1/2 the rent for the time being seems to work for all of us and it feels like a relief for now. I know that many of you will say to get her off my payroll and I understand this fully but for the time being this is what feels right, I can't explain it because it does not make sense to my head but it does to my heart.

    Wayward daughter has taken on a part time job so bringing in a bit more income. 1/2 ass boyfriend has been staying busy so they don't have so much time to fight. Neighbors are telling me that they are doing a better job with their grass and taking better care of the house.

    I have a neighbor that I have always expected has a personality disorder. She has tried to sue men for sexual harrassment but has never won and is always wishing ill will on others. This year I was on the receiving end of her mania, she has tried to ruin a business that I own. The wonderful part about this is that people are coming out of the woodwork to defend me. The part that is so painful is that she has put so much time and energy into trying to destroy me. We both are women in our 60s, I guess mental illness is for life. I know for years she tried to destory the younger beautiful woman that lives down the street from us. It just makes me so sad that this person lives right across the street and I see her often as I come and go out of my home. My nasty neighbors daughter was at my house all the time growing up and calls me mum, and tells me how much she loves me. That never sat right with nasty neighbor.
    I think all that grief is part of the reason it is taking me so long to heal.

    Since daughter is staying busy and we are not spending so much time together things are a bit better, as I wrote that my stomach jumped because I know it can change on a dime.

    I wish us all peace, to be around peaceful people that lift us and make us happy.

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