Just beginning to accept the reality that I was played


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Hon, Im so glad it is a healthy baby. I am.so glad you got photos.

I so agree with Elsi. I would send diapers, which are not cheap, undershirts in a bigger size so they will last, maybe feet pajamas that are warm and other necessities. Wash rags. Baby shampoo. Or start a life insurance policy for her that will mature as she grows.

This is so hard. I know it is. But you dont know what will happen with this baby yet. Perhaps she will end up in safe hands. The other grandmother sounds kind and caring. If she is given the baby I think you can form a friendship and know this sweet little girl. Dont try to predict the future....trust that things could work out good.

Your daughter is herself. Do not fret over her behavior. Keep a loving heart for her and if you pray, pray for her. It is up to her to have a change/life awakening. I personally believe good energy/prayer is powerful. If you do not just send her poisitive thoughts.

Life changes. Nothing stays the same. I read this long ago and in my opinion it serms to be true. We often try to be fortune tellers. Relax. For now everyone is safe and warm. You are wonderful, a shining star, and deserve peace.

Be yourself. You are precious. You are enough.
I was thinking of sending a special blanket. My 11 year old granddaughter still sleeps with the one I gave her when she was born. The other grandmother that gave me the pics is not the babies grandmother it’s the 11 year old grandmother. My daughter has three kids by three different fathers. Ugh. No judgment here right. ? I just assume she has been off drugs during the pregnancy. She has lupus so if it flairs she will be in pain and who knows. She was only clean for 4 months before getting pregnant. I hate the fact that she is doing this alienation to rip my heart out and it kills me more to have to kiss her butt to see my granddaughters. My grandson lives with the father and I see him and FaceTime him a few times a week. I don’t understand how my daughter could just abandon him. He is only five. She has seen him once in 3 years. She was in jail part of that time. But no card or gifts or phone calls nothing since last March. What will he feel someday knowing she had a new baby ? I wonder how she will mess up this new baby girls life. I try not to be negative but isn’t the old saying ‘ if you want to know how someone will be in the future look at their past behaviors ‘.? I do pray to be part of my granddaughters lives but I don’t feel ready to deal with my daughter at this point. The betrayals and hurts go so far back and now this. It has been peaceful without her daily drama. Hugs