older dog issue


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We have a sixteen year old female dachshund.

She has had two surgeries years ago for bladder stones and has been successfully on a special diet ever since.

Recently, she is drinking more and peeing in the house. This is especially true if she has been sleeping. She has to pee within a minute or two after a nap and she naps a lot.

We live in a new city. We took her to the vet. This vet did a great job with her dental cleaning right after we moved here.

He did urine analysis and blood work. Some concerns were diabetes, cushings, crystals in urine and infection.

Nope. She was fine in all regards. He physically felt her pelvis and she didn't have any signs of more stones...nor did her urine indicate this.

He also said, as he remarked 10 months ago when he took tests prior to her cleaning, that her urine and blood samples are remarkable for a dog her age.

He gave us antibiotics to give the dog...not knowing what is wrong. He does not feel it's typical inconinence since she knows what is going on. However, there was ONE instanace that she seemed out of it...and didn't know.She was peeing standing up. All other times, she squatted, etc.

I'm not overly confident the antibiotics will do much.

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone do hormone tx for their older female dogs?

Thank you.


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Ugh no clue! So sorry your furry baby is sick.

My 9 year old Yorkie started the drinking TONS and peeing all over (he never did in the house before) and he was diagnosed with diabetes. It's frustrating not to know what is wrong and they can't tell us!


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I hate to say this but will tell you what my vet said to me when my 16 year old lab was having alot of trouble. When they are that old you have to consider quality of life. My dog was at the point where she couldnt control her back legs and this effected her ability to control bodily functions. Your dog may not be at this point yet. It is so hard . they are a part of the family sometimes the best part. Good luck.


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We recently had to put down our 18 year old Jack Russell - his back legs were not strong enough to hold him. He was peeing in the house because he simply couldn't hold it with the degenerating nerves. Hugs. It's so hard when our furbabies get old.


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It doesn't sound to me like your gal is ready to go - she's just getting older and experiencing some "doggie dementia" perhaps, and a very mild case at that.

Think of us humans - I know I pee way more than I used to in my thirties!

She may have a mild bladder infection. If so then the antibiotics will help her.

As long as you can tolerate some potential potty accidents as she ages, I don't see any reason why this has to be the end of the road.

I am a firm believer that our pets tell us when they are ready to move on to the rainbow bridge. From what you describe it doesn't sound like your dog is there yet.

Enjoy every moment, because it's never enough. I have a fourteen year old cat who is in great health and due for her annual checkup soon. At her age it's nerve wracking, because you know eventually something will be wrong. The prayer is that the "something" can be fixed or managed for a length of time with good quality of life.

Keep us posted!