A match made in heaven?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by seriously, May 11, 2011.

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    So I really hope I do not offend anyone on the board. If I do - please forgive me.

    It has been a really, really bad stressful day here. But there was a moment of happiness and hilarity in the middle of it all and I wanted to share it with you all.

    difficult child 2's got a friend. This is a huge, very big deal. difficult child 2 hasn't had a friend in at least 2 years - actually more like 4. It's another kid in the ED class.

    Today when I got to school to pick up difficult child 2 he was hanging out with this kid J. They come over to the van and difficult child 2 introduces me to J. Sweet kid.

    I say well let's exchange phone numbers so you guys can get together some time. Turns out they live maybe 6 blocks from us. OMG could not ask for anything better I am thinking to myself.

    Then J says you should call my mom. I won't remember your number. I said Oh that's OK - here's one of my cards and I wrote our home number on the back.

    J says "No, I have STML and I won't remember I have the card. You should call my mom."

    I pause and then say What's STML???

    He says Short Term Memory Loss. I told him OK I'll call your mom then - put her number in my phone.

    Then the boys asked to hang out together at school to watch a kickball tournament (J's mom wouldn't be there until almost 5) so I said sure.

    And as I drove away all I could do was laugh out loud. Partly it was joy - my son has a friend, my son has a friend, my son has a friend!!!!!

    And partly it was the irony of it all.

    Who better to be my son's friend than a kid with short term memory loss?

    When my son gets going with his persecution complex and says the stuff that always drives other kids off? This kid will forget all about it apparently.

    The fact that my son can't really do reciprocal relationships? No matter, apparently J won't remember that.

    Am I a terrible person because that makes me laugh out loud? I would not wish STML on anyone - I can easily imagine it's potentially devastating effects. I don't mean to make fun of J. But I just could not help myself.
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    No, you are not a terrible person. Humor keeps us going. I'm so glad your difficult child has a friend! I know what that means. My difficult child seems to have found a friend, a first ever really! The fact that it's another difficult child doesn't even bother me because I'm just so excited he has a friend.
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    People with disabilities can often times be the fresh of breath air that we need. Gifts from God come in such unexpected and wonderful packages! Friends are the very best gifts of all!

    Neighbor H's mom doesn't believe it is right for kids that vary in age by more than a year (or two at tops) should spend time together. However, I think these friendships can be strong and healthy - like brother/sister friendships. Just need to make sure that the older kid is respectful of the younger kid's age restrictions. difficult child has a friend who is 2 -3 years younger and is not allowed the same aged games that difficult child is allowed (certain video games). difficult child knows that when he spends time with T that activities are limited to what T is allowed to do. Plenty of fun video games that T can do for example.
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    difficult child 1's best friend at school was also Aspie. difficult child 1 used to say to me, "We suit each other so well, Mum. I obsess to him about birds, he talks to me non=stop about reptiles, neither of us listens to the other and we got on GREAT!"

    Sums it up really well...

    This Aspie mate was best man at difficult child 1's wedding. When he found he had to give a speech... oh, that was funny!