***A very good Wednesday morning***

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  1. timer lady

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    Good morning friends & fellow warrior parents. :warrior:

    Another sleepless night under my belt - spent the majority of the time tidying up the house & planning my early morning trip to the grocery for a dessert. I was so trashed yesterday that I didn't leave the house.

    So I'm onto an easy cool torte that I can put together in minutes - Chocolate Eclair torte.

    It's to be in the 90's today - summer has finally arrived & it's only August. Will have to get out early to water my new flowers & plants.

    My niece T is coming over tonight for dinner, laundry & yardwork. We got a lot done last week - we may work on bills instead. I need help keeping things in order. I let her know that the clan is coming into town a bit earlier & staying only an hour or 2 before getting back on the road - hope she can get off work early today.

    This is so cool - a new piece of sheet music arrived yesterday. The classic Somewhere Over the Rainbow; I've already played but wanted a more challenging arrangement. I have lessons on Friday however I promised piano instructor I wouldn't do anything with it until she got here. Do you believe me?

    Have a good day friends.

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  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Oh, ABSOLUTELY. :winks:

    Yes, I am up with you Linda, AGAIN. We've got to stop meeting like this!

    The dessert sounds yuuuu-uh-mee! I hope your niece is able to help you accomplish all that you set out to do today. Enjoy the visit, however brief, with your family.

    difficult child 2, easy child and I just rolled back into the house after our little trip out to the desert tonight to watch the meteor show. Pretty darn cool. And I'm hopped up on caffeine still so who knows if I'll ever crash before the sun comes up. At least I can sleep in tomorrow, er, today, since there's nothing going on except difficult child 1's lacrosse practice at 3pm.

    Today/yesterday (I'm so confused) was our assigned day to water -- Stage 2 water shortage here so we only get three days a week to water. And I missed it. I'll probably cheat and water the vegetables anyway :ashamed: (shhhh! DON'T TELL!)

    Hope the rest of you stay cool now that summer seems to be in full swing in this quadrant of the globe!
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Gcvmom, I'm glad you got to watch the meteors. I did some digging online, we're too far south to see them this year, it seems. I was just talking about it with difficult child 3, I told him about Google changing their decorations just for the meteors too. Go have a look before they change it!

    Linda, that piano music sounds wonderful. I just got back form choir practice - there were three of us, total. Not impressed. We spent the time listening to my iPod, possible songs for us to work on if we ever get enoughpeople to practices to form a choir. I only keep it going because one of the blokes (it's his house where we meet) is a difficult child Occupational Therapist (OT) sorts but a really nice guy whose mother died recently so he's now all alone and needing something to do. He loves tihs choir, it has done so much for him but it's been dying a not so slow death without a conductor until they asked me to rescue them. There's not much left to rescue!

    I took mother in law out shopping today. On the way to the mall I stopped off at the regional Post Office and sent off the printed invitations to easy child. She's going to cut them all off the sheets, assemble them with the ribbon and card, then post them off. I bought some lovely wedding stamps to use and put them into the package for easy child, so she's got everything except envelopes now.

    Then we got to the mall. I didn't have much to get, just a lot of little things. I saw easy child 2/difficult child 2, she's absolutely miserable at work at the moment, the atmosphere is poisonous. She HAS to find another job and soon.

    I bought supplies to cook, I have my cleaner tomorrow but I forgot - I had to postpone him because husband & I have a pain specialist appointment first thing in the morning. We see the doctor at 9 am then I drive husband to the railway station, drop him off then head back home. I've beeen doing a lot of running around and I'm tired.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 is off work tomorrow (she has college tomorrow night) so she's coming over to our place to do some washing and also some wedding stuff (working on one of the bridesmaid's dresses). I'm hoping I can persuade her to talk to one of the government legal people I lined up a week or so ago; I think she's losing her perspective, she's acting like an abuse victim in her responses to the difficult work environment. Her response is, "I don't want to make a fuss even though I know it's wrong; because if I make a fuss I'll lose my job and won't have any mony coming in."
    The trouble is, I tihnk she's going to lose her job anyway, and she could always sue for wrongful dismissal.

    For her at the moment, it seems it's just too much to think about. I'm really worried for her and angry on her behalf. However, I told her she has to own every decision. That includes the decision to do nothing. And I'm not sure she owns that one yet.

    It's still cold here especially at night. Our days are warming up. I can't wait for summer, although I still have a lot of late winter stuff to do in the garden and I'm running out of time.

    Oh well, it's night time now, I'm in for the night, I can go put my jammies on and crawl into a lovely warm bed. ANd watch the new British version of LAw & Order...

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I bet you have already tried the music! Enjoy the time with the clan today:)

    Gvcmom-Did you have a good view of the meteor shower? I'd have to drink a lot of caffeine to stay up for that! Glad you have time to rest today.

    Marg-What a busy day you had! I hope your easy child/difficult child 2 is able to find a new job soon. I'm sorry she is having to work in such a toxic environment. Hopefully she will decide to pursue legal action but I do agree it has to be her decision.

    Even though it's after 7 I'm very tired. The only time we had to get to the club last night was after 9:30. After working out we were wound up and so I didn't get to sleep til late.

    Lots to do today so it looks like it may be another late visit to the club. This morning easy child and I have eye appts., then she has driver's ed, behind the wheel, and classroom.

    This afternoon we have a staffing for difficult child and early this evening I'm going out to dinner with a friend.

    Somehow I have to find time to mow the lawn. We're leaving for Michigan tomorrow and if I wait til we get back it will be a jungle!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning ladies. It's finally the middle of the week. Always a good sign.

    Timer, hope that music is patient enough to not jump onto your piano and force your fingers to play it. :angel2: Having your neice over to help out sounds like a good system. Enjoy your 3 days of summer. (sorry I couldn't resist the joke. Spoke to babysis and she was lamenting the heat and mosquito invasion).

    gvc, what a fun thing to do with difficult child. We used to do things like go watch for meteors and comets when the boys were younger. It was always exciting for all of us. Hope you can get some sleep.

    Marguerite, hope your nights start to warm up. I'm sure you are ready for the warmer temps. Too bad about difficult child/easy child 2 and her work situation. It does seem when work turns difficult because of personalities that it just goes down hill. An abuse victim is a good description. It's a tough life lesson that some people never learn.

    We are really getting geared up for a busy few weeks. Middle sis is driving up from Texas with a friend to spend some time here before going on to mom's. easy child arrives Sunday for a week before we take him off to school. Yay!!!!!:bigsmile: Then we all head up to mom's house for a :labor_day:
    Labor Day birthday party for neice who turns 2 but mostly to check on mom. She is pretty excited to see 3 of her grandson's, 3 daughters, a son in law and just get to cook and fuss. Her house comes alive with all the comings and goings plus all the friends who stop in. It's what she misses the most. We won't let her do too much but it does seem to make her feel better.

    Now for some potential good news. difficult child has been doing better and better in terms of acting more age appropriate. His humor has matured, his thinking has matured and his emotional maturity has gone up a notch.
    He has met a few more peers. One of them has been great. She is very good about taking initiative and doing things and going place. She is a she but that's even better. A different point of view for difficult child. They have been to several places and get togethers so far. I'm tickled. It's so difficult to do things with folks who are hesitant to try or if their folks keep them home and insulated like 10yr olds(I understand that need but difficult to plan things).

    He also has a lead for a roommate. The rent is doable for difficult child and it's a good situation for both of the young men. Hopefully, he will get the volunteer position at the museum and a part time job. I would love to see him have a more broad, involved life. Baby steps. I'm excited for him but know that all of it can fall apart.

    A little positive growth is a good thing. :woohoo:
  6. LittleDudesMom

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    :D Good Morning Ladies.

    Linda, hope you are able to handle what you have on your list without sleep! Is this the day your family is coming for dessert?

    gvc, I would love to watch the meteor shower - unfortunately they say we don't have a good view in this part of the country.

    Marg, hope you are enjoying your movie and your and husband's appointment's go well tomorrow.

    Sharon, enjoy dinner with your friend tonight - hope you have productive day of getting everything in order before your trip.

    Fran, sounds like the rest of your summer is going to be busy but at the same time, filled with family! Always a good thing (well, usually)! I bet mom is looking forward to the family - it's funny but it's only been two days since easy child moved (with 2 visits from her already!) but I actally thought about my mom and how it must feel for her to wish her children would visit more often. It' funny, but as you go through some of the same phases in your own life that you mother has gone through, you develop a much better understanding of where they are coming from!

    When the guys came to move easy child the other day, they moved out all the guest room furniture but the bed. The furniture was my grandmothers that she bought in 1947. It is a lovely french provencial set with a triple dresser, two twin beds, night table, dressing table (you know, where you lift up the center and a mirror is on the inside of of the lid) and a reading table with a built-in lamp. So easy child has all that (minus the twin beds - she just has a hollywood frame and box/mattress).

    In that room I have a great old mahogany canapy bed (have not used the twin beds since I got the set about 12 years ago) that was made by slaves here in Virginia. It's really high and my mom has a stepping stool to get in when she stays here! Well, I decided to go all mahogany in that room now so I had the guys bring down a few pieces from the attic (I used to have an antique business years and years ago - Sharon's Den of Antiquity - and as we bought and replaced furniture, I kept some of the nicer pieces and stored them knowing one day the kids would need some stuff). So today is all about cleaning off the furniture, giving it the lemon oil love-rub, and putting hte guest room back together. The cable guy is returning to easy child's house to swap out wireless modem this afternoon and she wants her mommy there - so I'll hop over there for a visit.

    difficult child fell asleep on the sofa last night and is still sleeping! I'm heading upstairs and will let him sleep!

    Have a great day all!