difficult child is home - Sorry update took so long

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Coookie, Jan 2, 2007.

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    Robbie, how are things coming along?


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    Hoping that you feel better Robby and that difficult child gets a clue.

  3. Stella Johnson

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    Sounds like he is back to his old ways of the "shock and aww" factor with the cannibis. I agree, don't show the list bit of shock. He feeds off of it.

    Is he really looking for a job?

  4. Coookie

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    Thank you for all your kind words and support. :smile:

    Things are tenuous...at best, around here. husband has taken control which is good and I struggle each day to stay back but I am accomplishing it to a great degree.

    difficult child has been sick, the cold and cough that I had but he is talking (notice I said talking) about different plans he has. He and husband are working together on this. May possibly go to school for Computer Graphics Design..and then...may not. husband told him last night that he had to have a job, or be registered for school, in the next 2 weeks or find a different place to live.

    As I said, I am staying out of this.

    difficult child told us when he got home that on his medical records he was diagnosed with Bi-Polar. Apparently his 1st Sgt. told him this. :highvoltage: I have a copy of his medication record sitting in front of me and this is what is listed:

    Depressive Disorder not otherwise specified (311)
    Oppositional Defiant Disorder (313.81)

    Doing research on this now, minimal though because doesn't matter if difficult child will not seek help. I might add that at no time were husband and I told that he was formally diagnosis'd with anything. During the last couple of years we were made to feel that we were imagining things. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif

    husband is not willing...at all...to go back to the way things were before difficult child went into the military and neither am I. The next 2 weeks will tell which way things are going to go here at the Coookie House.

    My back is better, still sore but better. :biggrin:

    Keep us in your thoughts please..this is a tough transition. :frown:

  5. ScentofCedar

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    It is tough, Robbie.

    It always helped me to remember that what we were all dealing with WAS tough, and was not going to resolve perfectly, no matter what we did.

    Hang in there.

    It sounds like you are doing just fine.

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    in my humble opinion, I would doubt the services would put BiPolar (BP) as a diagnosis on the discharge medical forms because that would give the impression that the service did not check out the recruit thoroughly prior to enlisting. psychiatric diagnosis's are not compatible with military service unless one gets a waiver (ie ADHD as a kid, no longer on medications xxnumber of years)by putting the diagnosis depressive d/o and ODD diagnosis on difficult child's medical discharge that gives the service and the recruit a way out and everyone saves face.

    I think the only ones who really want diagnosis's are us mommies so we can understand, focus, and help our kiddo move forward. Regardless of what's put down, if the adult individual is not agreeable to treatment, whether it's pharmacological or not there's not much we can do. Only time will be the judge as to whether things improve/change.

    I have found as difficult child 1 gets older he matures. Thank goodness :biggrin:

    Unless your difficult child's diagnosis is interrupting his lifestyle Robby, I don't think there will be a change anytime soon. It's probably a good idea to not agree/disagree with whatever he says. I agree with the others to keep letting husband handle everything. Whether difficult child gets fulltime employment or full time school that's a huge step in the right direction.
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    The diagnosis's were on his medication forms from his docs here. His recruiter got a copy of them but told difficult child that he would "bury" them...which he did..and the 1st Sgt. started looking at difficult children file when he went UA and popped positive on the drug test.

    You are right...doesn't really matter if he won't get help..which he won't.