Feeling very low.

overcome mom

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Miss LULU Boy I so know how you feel.
He can't come here because of the restrictions and in some ways that's a blessing. I would like to hear from him and to know he's okay, but that's out of my control. Even so, right this minute my stomach is in knots because I texted and he hasn't replied. I need to distract myself and try to think about something else.

It just shows how universal our feelings are. I could have written your exact words. I do check my son's Facebook page once and a while. It helps to see if he is alive but also sometimes gives me more worries. It funny sometime I am OK not hearing from him and then I get who knows what in my head and think and worry about him constantly . I have started to turn off the ringer on my phone as every time I heard it my stress level would go up. Now I can answer it if I want ,when I want. I too do not want my son around for any period of time as the stress is just to much. I stopped feeling bad about this just sad. He has chosen a life I just don't get for whatever reason , all I know is I can't control it. I have tried and tried to do whatever I can for the last 12 years and nothing has worked. I hate to say I have given up but I am now trying (trying) to give it to him. It's just hard when he calls and wants something. Always the decision of what to do.


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It is very hard for us to watch our adult children struggle. We just hope they find their way.

I cannot imagine anything worse for a mother to go through. I'm not ashamed to say that it brought me to my knees.

If you believe, put it in God's hands and pray for peace for yourself. I did that and it does work.


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Just a quick check in to say I have heard from him now - a short text, but that's okay. He's still alive and says he is good. That's all I need to know. Thanks for your replies. I really do appreciate all the support I find here.