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I know exactly how you feel. I agree, that depression often presents as anger. She needs a workup and medications.
You need a break, too! I know how it feels to have to lock your door to keep these kids away. It's amazing and disheartening and soooo not normal.
Many, many hugs. You've come to the right place.


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My 12, almost 13 year old daughter just called me a ****ing stupid ***** and hopes I burn in hell. All because I locked my bedroom door so not to have her come in and wake me again. Sometimes I feel she has figuratively beaten my love for her out of me. The disrespectful and mean behavior continues now in front of her friends, and now my own. I am embarrassed for her, and for me. In my deepest, blackest thoughts I wonder if I'd feel more sad or relieved if she just went away. She has become an alien to me. So unlike anybody I have ever seen. Her brief moments of regret for the things she says and does are always tinged with blame and excuses for her behavior; always my fault that I made her so mad. When she says she hates me, I now think "I hate you too." I feel so broken.
Well mam I'm 13 and i suggest u should think about has anything changed 4 her and have u tried asking her how she feels and figuring out what she likes doing or what she's doing in her spare time i mean I'm not trying to be rude but we are human and just as much as you do around the house as parents (single or not ) we do to make you happy

And i`m not saying your the worst parent in the world i mean my mom's the best and were going through sort of the same thing

Oh n if she says she doesn't want to talk about whatever it is just accept it and give her some time because the more u persuare her the more you'll push her away


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my 12 year old son a a straight :censored2:ing psyko and my family (myself,spouse and 2 year old son) cant take it any more....we exhausted every possible avenue(therapy, psychiatrists, police, childrens aid, schools, doctors, everything....parenting programs u name it)...nothing works....how can i get rid of this kid ....i know it sounds horrible but if i dont, my sanity will not last much longer...

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Welcome, Kain. I'm so sorry that you're at the end of your tether with your 12 year old. I think you should begin your own thread, because you will get more responses that way. To do it, go to the general forum page and look at the top for the blue button that reads "post new thread." Then you can tell us more about your son and your journey. The people here have been through all kinds of things and can typically steer you to help somewhere that you may not have thought of.

Does your son have a diagnosis? Is he on medication? How is he doing in school?