irst court appearance tomorrow


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Smithsmom is right for her state I am sure. I know of nobody who got SSI that way in the two states i lived in EXCEPT for when retiring. Then my hub just did it online. But for where we live that wasnt how we did it for the kids. We had to talk to people and the kids needed to see the states psychologist for some testing and a functional exam. The functional exam was the big key. They do not just see records and sign off in Illinois or Wisconsin. I know nothing about any other state. Nor does anyone except the Disability people from your state. Call them. Each state has an office. Often it is in the Capital.

You are rightfully stressed. Dont waste your time and go to the wrong place if it is different in all states. I would first call your state's Dept. Of Disabilities. You cant go wrong asking them who to contact and what to do. They know...this is their job. I never heard of an S S A so I assume we dont have one. It is so confusung when states all follow different rules. God forbid they make it easy!!

Minimize your time by becoming informed about the rules where you live. I always prefer a live person that can talk back to me :p than websites that can be misunderstood. But that is me.

If you live in Illinois or Wisconsin PM me and I will be happy to give you the right path/options. If not call your states Dept. Of Disabilities. They wont steer you wrong.

I feel your hardship and stress. I hope this is painless. For us we were approved a few months later by the Dept. Of Disabilities in our state capital. I cant be sure how it will work for you but hope it goes smoothly
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