Mom, What's wrong with smoking weed?


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My son used to debate all the reasons pot is so good and his mother is so uninformed and not accepting.

This is how I "won" the debate (in my mind, ha ha).

The problem with marijuana is two fold. Pot in itself is probably the least lethal of drugs if smoked in your own home (not mine) and purchased with your own money (not mine).

When a person chooses to smoke pot, they hang out with others who smoke pot and those people hang out with people who smoke pot and pop pills...and so on, you catch the drift- until your who community is filled with people like you.

People who are engaged in criminal behavior will, at some point, lead to incarceration, tickets, etc... so, in short, smoking pot is opening the door to the criminal justice system but doesn't protect you from it.

The second consideration is that it can often times make you estranged to me (mom) and other family and friends because they choose to not be around it. When you work hard to provide a roof over your family's head, food in the cubbard and a vehicle to drive, you want to protect those things. Exposure to illegal substances (pot) and people engaging in criminal behavior puts those things at risk.

Since I choose not to smoke pot and open my door (not yours) to the risk, I have made my choice of my morals and values and they don't align with yours. I will not accept any consequences for your behaviour for choosing to smoke pot.

To answer your debate, dear son, there's absolutely nothing wrong with YOU smoking pot, as long as it isn't in my home, on my dime and you are not around the family under the influence.

And by the way, your sister isn't allowed to give you rides anywhere in her car. You are welcome to buy your own car and assume any risk of being caught with pot.

He gets to be right, but gets to be right somewhere else. Just my two cents.



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My therapist does drug recovery programs for our county and we have had many talks about pot. She says pot is dangerous if used every day and does cause brain problems. She says some of her hardest addiction cases are pot addicts...they tend to tell themselves that pot isn't dangerous no matter how often used. And, she says, it's not easy to quit!!

Pot is not lethal in of itself, but its daily use often leads to very diminished lifestyles, lack of motivation and can trigger latent mental illnesses that do not get better with continued pot use. I think our own tendency to tell ourselves that even daily pot use is not dangerous can confuse us and make us tolerate daily pot use in our kids, even in our homes. We maybe smoked it and it didn't harm us....

But we didn't stay high 24/7.

Like alcohol, pot can be abused badly and some people can not tolerate even a little bit of pot without needing to smoke it all the time. We don't know all the long term effects yet. We will find out.

I never thought pot was okay but I let Kay smoke in our home and around us back in the day. in my opinion big mistake. Letting her smoke cigarettes around us at home was also a mistake. Why should our house and family be exposed to her pot and cigarettes just so that Kay won't pitch a fit? She needed to leave when she did. And we needed to get a clue.

I can't force Kay to think pot has affected her poorly and I refuse to argue about it with her. If she really wants to know what nonstop pot can do she need only look in the mirror. She is a mess and now Jaden is no longer with her. All that energy she put into making sure that Jaden was not tainted by being vaccinated (sigh) could have gone into parenting him. But it went to pot and her crazy conspiracy theories about vaccinations.

JPee, in my opinion it is a waste of time to debate pot with an adult who can't live without it. We can not do anything about it and it upsets us. I don't think it's okay for my daughter to ruin her life. I just can't stop her from doing it. If I could, I would.

I don't think these pot addicts generally give one hoot if we are estranged from them or not. All they seem to come around for is money and to abuse us. We care. They don't. At least my daughter does not. Not at all. She only cares that we don't provide for her anymore.

Wishing you blessings and.peace this holiday.


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I agree 100% with everything you've said. He kept asking me what's wrong with it, so I asked myself what I thought was wrong with it.

I remember when J got clean, he shook his head at how much of a fog he had been in for years.

He still struggles from time to time, but we are enjoying his progress. Each relapse encourages longer sobriety on the other side. It may sound dramatic on my part but to me, even an occasional drink is a relapse because it opens the door for bad decisions.

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Pot is way stronger than it used to be. Higher THC content. I have seen the effects and it is not pretty.I read an article that habitual pot use produces psychosis and possibly schizophrenia. I am sure all of the conspiracy theorists and pro pot people will ignore that and claim that it is big pharma trying to take control. Poo!
I have seen too much, up close and personal. Plus, how does one even know that what they are buying on the streets isn’t mixed with something?
I like your answer JMom, if you want to do it, that’s your decision, but not in my home or around me, don’t be high around me.
My eldest grand self medicates with it. When he is not high, he is awful. That’s enough to tell me the power of it
I do believe it has medicinal purposes, but like any drug, when abused is highly addictive.
Just say no.
No way.


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Agree with all.

It's very odd because I have two new coworkers that I have become close to that both smoke. However, our company does random drug testing (corporate office of a steel company but they follow same rules as out on the floor) so it's very possible they will lose their job at some point.

One of them probably does not smoke now but she also does not drink any alcohol. Her husband only smokes, he does not drink either. No other drug use though.

The other one lives with a musician who also does not drink, only smokes. She is the one I am worried about. She actually came over for Christmas Eve as he was visiting his family and she was flying out next day to visit her elderly mother. She only smokes once a week or so but seems to think she'd get a second chance although I have told her that I have witnessed them "walk people out" over my 11 year employment here. We have lost a lot of good people due to them smoking. There is a zero tolerance policy here due to the dangers of working in a steel mill. Doesn't make a lot of sense to impose the same rules on us but it is what it is as they say.

I also smoked a lot in my teens but no longer care to and can't anyway. My son gave it up this year which was a shock because he also praised it highly. It did lead to other drugs for him too I believe. He does drink beer and we're okay with this as long as he works and does what he is supposed to do.

The kids of today are not anything like we were. That is an understatement!