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    difficult child called. Said they thought he was taking something. Searched his room from top to bottom. Took away his hair spray and a vial of fluid from when he had his ears pierced. (If so, this surprises me as I thought they searched their items on admission. I know difficult child had other things - Zytrex, hand sanitizer - that would be taken away.)

    Said he was given avitan and tramadol.

    Said someone gave him something in the middle of the night. He knows that because of a cup on his night stand that wasn't there before.

    Then says he has to go. Wants to call his friend (the ones who shot heroin, etc.) I said I think they oinly let you call family.

    While we were talking, the therapist called. I called him back. He said they wanted me to know they were moving him to a medical floor. He cannot tell me more (the release again.) I asked for him to explain generically why they did this - he said (1) people have more detox needs (2) increased medical supervision and/or (3) concern about moods/psy issues.

    I told therapist what difficult child said. He indicated that was reasonably accurate. I aske why I couldn't be told what was wrong if since difficult child had medical only release and was going to a medical floor. Therapist said that's a good question.

    I then explained I thought difficult child shouldn't be calling this friend. He said he would pass that along and that they could call anyone but wanted it restricted to people who would be helpful.

    Any insight as to what is really going on?
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    Could he be having major withdrawal issues? Being given something in the middle of the night sounds almost paranoid. How does being given medications. at night happen in a place like this? Wow this would be hard not being told stuff!
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    I am so glad he is there. I think the medical release stuff is ridiculous but it is the law and it is a sign the place is good because good places do follow the law on releases.

    My guess is your difficult child did not sign the releases because there are things he does not want you to know. I hate to say this but my guess is that his use was worse and more serious than you realized.... I say this because if they are moving him to a more medical floor they sound like they are concerned about withdrawel and detoxing and if he is still using something.

    So he is in the right place. I agree the lack of information is incredibly frustrating and hopefully they will talk to difficult child and he will eventually sign the release.

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    TL, I agree. He is hiding something. Likely drug use.

    Internet says ativan is used for alcohol withdrawal. Tramadol appears to be for opiate withdrawal.

    difficult child called back. ****** that they are moving him to "psychiatric" ward. Already packed his stuff. Claiming again they gave him something. Really agitated. I figure they will give him medications again soon if possible to calm him.

    I said, "I cannot help you honey because they won't talk to me. If you signed release, they would have to talk to me but my hands are tied."

    I figure next call is - please come get me. Not answering any calls from that number tonight. I figure if he signs release, they will call me.
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    If you are confident that the facility is aok then I think the only assumption is that difficult child has issues that they have identified that they are going to treat. Fingers crossed that he sticks with it. I agree that it's wise to pull the plug on the phone so you are not forced into the drama. Hugs DDD
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    My guess is that either they noticed his mood change from what it was or that someone told them he was using something. Even though they searched him coming in and they search visitors it is very easy to sneak something in. They searched our bags when we visited but they did not search our persons and quite frankly if I wanted to sneak something in I could have. It happened all the time and residents were often kicked out for using when their friends or family brought stuff in. They had cases where their friends would leave stuff outside a window or in bushes for them. Or when someone left on a pass they would bring stuff back and it was expected that they would share.

    It sounds like he is in a very good place who takes sobriety seriously. If they moved him to the medical floor they had good reason. It tells you he was probably on more than you know. His moods seemed very erratic before he went in so I suspect he was using anything he could to maintain.

    I'm glad he's there. He may not like it but it's the best place for him.

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    Good for you. Get a good night's sleep knowing he is in good hands.

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    From having talked to people who work in facilities like this, it is very common for an addict in their teens/early 20s to have hidden an enormous amount from their parents. They will sign releases for only medical or limited medical or otherwise limited release of info to parents because they are very ashamed and hope they won't ever have to tell their parents the extent of their drug use. It also can be a way to attempt to control you - "I will sign the release when you bring me X or tell them to let me do Y" type of thing.

    It sounds like they are seeing a lot going on that is medical/psychiatric in nature and he needs more care to detox. It is good that they are watching closely enough to see this!!

    The middle of the night thing could be medications to help deal with withdrawal or possibly he had a panic attack and doesn't remember it.

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    Thank you all for your thoughts. It is helpful to hear from those who have been down this road.

    I agree that difficult child is into much more than he admits to. I have total faith in this facility and am thankful they can handle detox, dual diagnosis, etc. without transferring him.

    We spoke briefly this am. difficult child ain't happy cause he ain't in control. But, he never asked me to come get him. I've ignored the two later calls today. He left a voice call with the information I need (codes, hours..) to call or visit him. He needs time to think....without substances or even me getting in his way. I'm somewhat grateful I am sick because I can truthfully say that I cannot talk long.

    Had a good visit with my therapist Friday who impressed upon me that I needed to treat myself as if I was one of my own children...think, "what do I need right now?"..."what is best for me?". He's right.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!
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    Your doing great. Rest and hopefully you will feel better. Did you get that throat swabbed?

    Once difficult child is sober and stable, I think you will see some good happenening. And Suzie is right. They are really shamed by what they have gotten themselves into once they are sober. The stuff that came out over time with my difficult child was shoking. Her drug use was pot, but the stuff that had happened to her and the "sex addiction" (in quotes because noone had diagnosed it-but she sure has some red flags), and even hanging out with gangsters. Shocking!
    Thinking of you!